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  1. EatMyVolts

    Dish anywhere Guide

    So I fire up dish anywhere (android) this morning (10/5) to see what NCAA games are on tap. Every single game on every channel is listed as "Slippery Rock at Mercyhurst". Did somebody hack the schedule? Did I miss some joke?
  2. EatMyVolts

    How's My Driving?

    It must have been a slow news day today. Cable truck covers up Don't drivers realize they're in a rolling billboard for their employer?
  3. EatMyVolts

    NHK World Perhaps?

    NHK Now that NHK has opened up their news feed to North America, TVB | NHK Opens Signal to U.S. Platforms, might there be any chance of Dish picking it up? Apparently, for a short time, NHK is offering it free of charge. Yes, I realize that I can pick it up on an internet stream; this would...
  4. EatMyVolts

    Watch HD while recording HD?

    I'm getting ready to switch to HD. I've searched a number of sources so I hope this is not too simple a question. Using one Dish receiver is there a way to watch one program live in HD while recording another program in HD? OTA is not an option. Thanx