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  1. Hall

    Delete PMs ?

    My PM mailbox is full (way overcapacity actually !) and I don't see how to delete old PMs. I can "leave" a conversation, mark it read or unread, star it, etc, etc but no delete/remove. How do you do it ?
  2. Hall

    Uplink reports

    What ? When did that happen ?
  3. Hall

    Joey 2, Netflix controls

    After a recent s/w update to our Joey 2, the Play/Pause button no longer controls playback. Pressing it while something is playing does nothing. Pressing Select while playback is going actually pauses the show. Pressing it again resumes the show. Once paused, the Play/Pause button still does...
  4. Hall

    Wife question - 52.0 remote, record...

    Okay, my wife asked me a question related to the 52.0 remote and my only immediate answer (solution) was to hand her our old 40.0 remote. What she was trying to do was record a show, from the guide, that had already started. The key is, she didn't want to change to that show first. How do you do...
  5. Hall

    U334 - upgrade software button gets you U336

    Dish is cranking out updates all of a sudden. The Hopper 3 just got U334 and one change is the addition of a manual s/w update button. If you select that button, it will upgrade the s/w to U336. I do see the addition of the Accessibility menu. I think it was JSheridan that pointed out that...
  6. Hall

    Unable to transfer some shows to external drive

    I have been attempting to transfer recordings on our Hopper to an external HDD and a few of them won't transfer. I do get this helpful error message: The transfer completed with errors (Watch TV) (Stop) No error # in the window's title bar like most menus that Dish has. A few things: - It did...
  7. Hall

    Dish survey on local channels/OTA options

    I rec'd a survey request from Dish recently that was titled "Flex no locals". It's not a coincidence that I have the Flex package and no local channels (started with them but then dropped them). They asked some questions that they certainly know the answer too Did you change programming...
  8. Hall

    Channel disputes - Networks vs (all) providers

    Many people question who is "at fault" when there's a dispute and channels get dropped. Some providers appear to never get into disputes or rarely do, while others, like Dish, seem to have them more often. My understanding is providers generally pay the same rates - well, it's a good chance that...
  9. Hall

    Joey and Netflix fails

    For a number of weeks or months now, our Joey (v1), running the new UI, has been screwed up related to using Netflix. What happens every few days is this: 1) Launch Netflix 2) Tells me it can't connect, I'm not connected to the internet 3) Looking at the network details in Netflix, it has a...
  10. Hall

    Ch 103, free preview channel

    We have a Hopper w/Sling running the Carbon UI and have (2) channel 103s, one being free previews (indicated as SD) and one as the Hopper channel. Problem is, I can't view the previews channel. When I select it, it takes me to the Hopper channel. Does this happen for anyone else ? The Joey...
  11. Hall

    U206 fixes found

    Found at least (2) things fixed, or at least improved, in U206: 1) Editing/saving OTA channel list now works properly. 2) Home media server - plays more MP4 files than previously. Not all play though and some only have audio (no video).
  12. Hall

    Joey 2 and Hopper w/ Sling ?

    I just did a chat with a Dish rep asking how to replace my Joey 1 with a Joey 2. I have a Hopper w/Sling and the Carbon UI and while the Hopper is fine, the Joey 1 is dog slow.... I described some of the slowness / lagginess in a different thread. Anyway, the rep said Is that right ? Or is...
  13. Hall

    Netflix - subtitles cut off

    I've been watching "Narco", which has English subtitles for the Spanish-speaking parts. I noticed some phrases or sentences just randomly ended and things said that didn't seem right. That's one example. I found the same scene using the Netflix app on our TV. There is the full sentence...
  14. Hall

    Dish Anywhere - someone else's info

    I tried accessing Dish Anywhere this morning to set a timer and things didn't look familiar.... I have no idea what stations those are (nor do I care). Poking around further, in My Recordings, for example, and this isn't ours either: Then I tried to set a recording just to see if it would...
  15. Hall

    HWS failed after six months ?

    Our Hopper with Sling started acting up today. It shows no channel logos and only has guide data for 1-1/2 to 2 hours in advance. All DVR functions seem to work fine though.... Check Switch and System Status report nothing wrong. On the network setup, only MOCA is selected. The "Wireless"...
  16. Hall

    Netflix - very low volume

    Anyone else have a problem with the volume level of Netflix being extremely low? My TV's volume was just on "50" while watching "Daredevil". When I exited Netflix, Dish programming was blaring loud. I'm watching Netflix again through my smart TV with the volume at 30.
  17. Hall

    PTAT, Save series behavior?

    I never noticed this before the most recent s/w version so I want to ask if it's always been like this and I didn't notice or if something changed. What it is is I em to tie the PTAT folder and selected The Simpsons, then "Save series". After doing that, under timers, there's an event to...
  18. Hall

    Search limit ?

    I'm trying to find a post/thread from probably a year ago or so that gave info on a new Joey model with upgraded hardware (not the Super Joey, the wireless Joey, etc). I tried searching "joey cpu ram" and got (8) pages of results, the oldest being from mid-October of 2014. I then tried "joey and...
  19. Hall

    Hopper/Netflix suggestions, bugs, etc

    Here's a UI improvement idea courtesy of our 5-year old: After finishing a show on Netflix, she was at the screen with a small video window in the upper-left, a 'back' arrow, with the word "Back", below that, three suggested programs, etc. The arrow kinda looks like this: BACK Since this is...
  20. Hall

    Enhancement to "binge" watch feature

    As most probably know by now, the latest s/w for the Hopper/Joey now has this binge-watch feature where it lists add'l episodes of the same show. In the case of a series, you will always simply play the next episode so that you go in order. In the case of non-series recordings, I'd like to see...