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  1. long_time_DNC

    Animated Avatar?

    Hey folks, I changed my avartar tonight back to an older animated one that I used to use, but on posts, it doesn't move (thus not making a lot of sense), but when I click on it, up pops the stats with the avatar and it's animated. Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. long_time_DNC

    HD lock-on issue

    Starting a few days ago, my 722k won't lock-on to the HD versions of channels 340, 351 and 352 (yes, the HD versions are in the Guide). Everytime I try, it gives me the unable to lock-on message and brings up the SD version instead. I've tried about 15 or so of the other HD channels I have...
  3. long_time_DNC

    Starz Counterpart

    Has anyone here (besides myself) watched the first season of this series? The split/alternate reality of two Earths linked by a corridor and with people crossing between the two realities via a bureau that manages the diplomatic relations between the two realities is really interesting. J.K...
  4. long_time_DNC

    Old Westerns you see in HD that aren't on Blu-ray - Why?

    Just out of curiosity, does anyone know how channels like the Sony Movie Channel or MGM HD, Retroplex and Indieplex have movies (mostly westerns that I'm talking about, but other movies too) in HD that I can't find anywhere on BD? It gets really irritating. How do they get them, do their own...
  5. long_time_DNC

    722k losing locals signal?

    I tried to do a search on related topics, but the site search seems to be broken. If this is this a duplicate subject, could a mod please provide me the link to it and then you can delete this one? When I try to tune to any of my locals channels (4, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, etc, etc), I get a banner at...
  6. long_time_DNC

    Commercial Breaks on Sony Movie Channel on 386

    Since when did SMC start sticking in brief ads and very short movie trailers in movies about every 15 minutes?? That's very irritating!
  7. long_time_DNC

    Seattle Locals on Dish?

    Looks like Dish is having problems with Seattle locals today. 4 (KOMO/ABC), 5 (KING/NBC), 7 (KIRO/CBS), 9 (PBS), 13 (KCPQ/FOX), 16 (KONG/IND/NBC), and 22 (KJZZ/IND) are all presently black. Everything else from 101 on up work fine, but the locals are all black, with no audio. They were all...
  8. long_time_DNC

    What movies do you watch once a year?

    This would tend to be lists of movies you intentionally watch at least once-a-year, as opposed to movies that draw you in over and over (titles may overlap)... ;) My list, off the top of my head, in no particular order: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Saving Private Ryan Taking Chance...
  9. long_time_DNC

    STS-132 Space Shuttle Atlantis

    The last flight for Atlantis, coming up on May 14th...
  10. long_time_DNC

    V: The Series (revisited)

    Anyone watching the new series? It's really pretty good (especially compared to SGU)...
  11. long_time_DNC

    NASA Space Shuttle STS-129 Launch

    Scheduled for Monday, 11/16 at 2:28 EST
  12. long_time_DNC

    Plasma owners - clicking?

    For you plasma HDTV owners, I have a question: I've had my new 58" plasma set now for about a month and roughly 7-10 days ago, it began making a "clicking" sound for about the first hour after I turn it on. It's intermittent, not a constant "clicking". It doesn't affect the picture or...
  13. long_time_DNC

    Burger King "Man" ad

    I saw this: ad only once this past weekend and thought it was really funny. I've watched several NFL games this past weekend and numerous Burger King ads, but never saw that particular ad again. Has anyone else seen it more than one or two times or...
  14. long_time_DNC

    Weird receiver issue - hedp?

    My 622 in my home theater room is working just fine, however, the 2700 in the living room is displaying the "Acquiring satellite signal" box on the tv and it's been doing this every time I turn it on the past 2 days. I did a check switch - it can't find the switch. It's the same switch the 622...
  15. long_time_DNC

    622 users manual in PDF format?

    Anyone know where the user's manual for the 622 can be downloaded from as a single file, like the one for the 942? I've googled around and it's on the Dishnetwork site, in about 12 pdf files and I don't have any software to re-do it as one users manual. Has anyone seen the whole thing as a...
  16. long_time_DNC

    Taxing Satellite in WA State

    Read this today: 8% Satellite TV Tax? Cable industry hopes so Washington State is considering an 8% tax on satellite TV services at the behest of the cable industry, indicates the Sky Report. DirecTV and Dish Network not long ago launched a website dedicated to opposing such...
  17. long_time_DNC

    Programming changes?

    Okay, how come I can add programming via the website, but not remove programming via the website? Instead, I have to call them to remove a channel. :confused:
  18. long_time_DNC

    110 missing-in-action

    Is anyone missing everything on 110 tonight? My model 111 in the bedroom is getting everything on 110/119 just fine, but my 811 in the livingroom is only getting channels off of 110. I've done a check switch and it can't find 110 at all. I've rebooted the box twice, still nothing off of...
  19. long_time_DNC

    Additional location

    I've got a question that hopefully someone here can answer. I have a vacation cabin on a lake about an hour NE of my home here. I have two receivers in my home and would like to put one (and a dish) on the cabin. Can I just add it to my present subscription/bill (Everything Pak) even though...
  20. long_time_DNC

    Wing channels?

    Does anyone know of a location on the web (or has a list of) what's on the the sats aside from 110/119? I've been digging around on the Dishnetwork site, but they don't make it easy (unless I'm missing something?). Thanks!