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  1. heatherk

    Directv D14 live, directv D10 down (update: D10 now working)

    I don't know what they call it, but it could be. I assume those channels will eventually return.
  2. heatherk

    Directv D14 live, directv D10 down (update: D10 now working)

    Is Paladia one of the channels still off? Since last night it tells me I'm not subscribed to it and a few others, even though I am. Anyone else unable to get 566-572?
  3. heatherk

    Watch ESPN

    Yes, getting it on my iPad and my Roku. So happy! :-)
  4. heatherk

    Watch ESPN

    I just saw a tweet from LSU that WatchESPN is now available on direct. Anyone else heard anything?
  5. heatherk

    Watch ESPN

    Hopefully, it will be closer to February than March since college baseball starts soon.
  6. heatherk

    Sunday Ticket stays on Directv

    Hmm. That's a thought. Of course, I like the one with Scott Hanson that I got when I was with Dish better than the Directv version, but it might be worth a shot.
  7. heatherk

    Sunday Ticket stays on Directv

    I thought u had to have Sunday Ticket on Direct to get the Red Zone. Am I wrong?
  8. heatherk


    Thank you. I understand now. :-)
  9. heatherk


    They say they do. And it's now listed as a carrier.
  10. heatherk


    I'm sure this is a stupid question, but I am asking it anyway. I know we get the on-demand FoxNow because I can access it through my Roku. What I can't figure out is where it is on my Directv receiver. Can anyone tell me what channel it is? I know FX on demand is on 1248, but can't find Fox...
  11. heatherk

    fusion and longhorn network now live!

    I see Longhorn is on 677. What channel is Fusion on?
  12. heatherk

    DirecTV & The Walt Disney Company Sign Expansive Agreement

    So when does this go into effect?
  13. heatherk

    DIRECTV Rumor Alert

    Fortunately, my neighbor has Dish so I can invite myself over if I lose ESPN on Direct. :-)
  14. heatherk

    root sports houston?

    I just got an email about it from Direct. That's unusual. Channels just usually appear, in my experience.
  15. heatherk

    Reelz (238) and Ovation (274) HD coming (now launched)

    I'm sorry, but what is AM21?
  16. heatherk

    SEC network alternate channel not working?

    It tells me I need to subscribe to that channel. Directv is really not handling the SEC Network launch worth a damn. Wish now I had switched back to Dish. Oh well.