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    New remotes

    Where can I get some dish network remotes at on the cheap? 222 and 722 receivers
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    Dish wally question

    Can i have a dish wally and dish 211 on the same account (system) and would I nees to have some changes made to my satellite lnbf ?? Thanks. I would like to get rid of the dish 722 because i don't use dvr really. Also would this reduce my cost per month ?? Sent from my SM-J700P using Tapatalk
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    DISH 722 internet hookup

    Dish VIP 722 I am wondering how I hook it up to a wireless router ? What all do I need to hook it up to a wireless router ? Thanks
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    Al Jazeera America HD ?

    Any chance of dish network picking up the HD feed of aljazeera America news ? Sent from my Z987 using Tapatalk
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    I was checking the TV schedules on Huffington Post and found this... satellite TV provider? I looked up the zip code on and found it listed I couldn't find a website for it (there's a website for a product called RelayTV which is unrelated), and I see it has lots of...
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    U-VERSE TV question

    How much is the u-verse tv basic channel package per month ? I have looked everywhere online and couldn't seem to find a price. I also wonder if this type of package will come to DIRECTV in the future ?
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    Al Jazeera America renewal contract July 31st

    Well it looks like Al Jazeera America news channel contract with DirecTV ends on July 31st so I am interested in what happens with this TV network since the merger has been approved. Also DirecTV has sued Al Jazeera America and I am wondering what the merger will do for this lawsuit ? I know...
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    al jazeera america

    I am told al jazeera america is not available for the 5.00 a month add on anymore. Would anybody know why ? That is the only reason I was wanting to come back to dish network.
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    al jazeera america

    when is the contract up with between al jazeera america and directv ? I would love to see this channel added to the select package on directv because it is the only channel I am missing on dish network which I paid 5 dollars extra for.
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    DIRT team member please help

    I am in need of a DIRT team member on duty to communicate with me about my options of going back from directv to dish network
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    first receiver 6 dollar fee ?

    is directv now charging 6 dollars for the first receiver ?
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    al jazeera america

    In the future do you all think al jazeera america will be added to lower tier packages since it is a news channel? Sent from my DROID X2 using Tapatalk 2
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    Select package

    If i bought the select package outright how much would it be for say 3 tvs and one hdtv ? I am very interested in this package and it suites my needs actually and not a bad price either considering i plan to switch from the dish america hd package for about the same price. I will miss ajam on...
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    for 5 dollars it can be added onto a core package. it includes: looks like only a international core package only :( darn that sucks I was wanting FRANCE 24 ENGLISH BAD :( EURONEWS (EURNS)...
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    select package

    can I still call in and get the select package as a new customer ?
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    France 24 news question

    What satellite would I need to be on to get that channel ? I think it is channel 660 on dish. Also what package would I need ? France 24 English not the France version
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    ENCORE networks are about to launch classic TV hits. What do you all think of this move ?

    ENCORE networks are about to launch classic TV hits, including many sitcoms, to their networks starting Monday, Dec. 2, 2013! Read more:
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    remote control problems

    I just upgraded my box to a 722 dvr and I can't seem to my dish remote to work this new box. It seems harder to respond and sometimes wont at all. It worked the old tv box just fine. I replaced the batteries and nothing. I am thinking possibly a faulty box ? I need some help on this DIRT team
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    France 24 English NEWS

    why can't we have this channel ( France 24 English NEWS) in other packages other then the international package ? They do some great international news and would be a great addition to all the other news networks including AJAM
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    MSNBC HD now in dish america package

    It now looks like MSNBC is part of the dish america HD package. The hd feed is the only one being broadcasted though. Now I wonder if it will stay and if Al Jazeera America will be a part of that package as I now have current tv for 5 dollars a month.