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  1. raydio

    40/20 meter QSO/Net for Satguys hams

    Well that's two who are interested...that's a start. I think it would be fun to get together on the air and rag chew for awhile. I could very likely work Brian in NoCal but not sure about Michael way out East with my loop on 40 that may be pushing it but it's worth a try! The loop certainly...
  2. raydio

    40/20 meter QSO/Net for Satguys hams

    Hey Brian, Is Band Hoppers Net on 40? I did not see a freq or anything on the Nets page of the website -
  3. raydio

    FlightAware Dongle for ADS-B

    I saw a couple of tutorials on the subject and they were using SDR# and CW...One of them was using a ADS-B plugin for SDR#. There is a great tutorial here - - - RTL-SDR Tutorial: Cheap ADS-B Aircraft RADAR
  4. raydio

    40/20 meter QSO/Net for Satguys hams

    I do know that there are quite a few hams on this forum and was wondering if there is any interest in a forum QSO/Net? I would organize it but I live in an HOA and my magnetic loop does not quite cut it.... 73 Jim K4ECP Sent from my iPhone using the SatelliteGuys app!
  5. raydio

    Looking for SDR that will cover 100KHz to 3 GHz ranges

    I am using the RTL-SRD Patch Antenna as I was too lazy to build one! Works ok...well enough to decode STD-C stuff from Inmarsat. Seems I cannot find an LNA that will pass power to the input to power the active Patch...Guess no one makes one so will have to use a Bias T to power the Active...
  6. raydio

    FlightAware Dongle for ADS-B

    No, but I am getting into decoding Inmarsat EGC messages on the STD-C NCS channel which is pretty cool plus some other Inmarsat stuff -
  7. raydio

    Icom IC-7100

    Checked out the RemoteRig boxes but cannot justify almost $500.00 for a remote box that costs nearly as much as the rig...Will keep trying to make the Icom remote software work as it was a bit less expensive -
  8. raydio

    OTHER old guy that is new

    Sounds like you and I were in the hobby back in the day as I also had a couple of Coolsats as well! It's nice having another old guy here along with all these young whippersnappers.
  9. raydio

    Little ugly dish

    Beauty is in they eyes of the beholder -
  10. raydio

    DirecTV Uplink Site?

    I am in the Tucson, AZ area this week doing some work on Lasik Lasers and once again I have stumbled upon something cool. It's a DirecTV uplink site I believe. Five big-ass dishes and one that is quite a bit larger than the other four. The big one appears to be steerable, don't know about the...
  11. raydio

    Icom IC-7100

    Hi guys, Does anyone have an IC-7100? I just picked one up and it seems to be a fine HF/VHF/UHF rig for the money. Just wondering if anyone else has one?? 73 Jim K4ECP
  12. raydio

    Looking for SDR that will cover 100KHz to 3 GHz ranges

    I have used SDR Sharp and it's ok...However I am now delving into monitoring Inmarsat stuff on L band
  13. raydio

    A note from Jeff Schumann from Manhattan Digital

    It's unfortunate CN that the FCC is a government agency, and I don't want to get political here, but it seems the FCC is for sale just like most other government agencies.
  14. raydio

    Equipment to go

    Actually the output of the exciter would be about 10 watts max...that and an antenna with a bit of gain would get you a decent low power transmitter. College stations used these all the time years ago -
  15. raydio

    Kijiji, eBay, and Craigslist dishes for you to take a look at

    Looks like they cobbled some angle iron together to make the mount CN -
  16. raydio

    Very Large Array

    They have a neat visitor center and they do give tours of the Operations Center and there is a walking tour that takes you to the base of one of these 82 foot monsters. 27 - 82 foot diameter (25 meter) dishes in a Y configuration with an electronic resolution of a dish 22 miles across -...
  17. raydio

    Very Large Array

    As some of you know, I am a Field Service Engineer for a Medical Device Company and travel extensively in New Mexico, Arizona and Texas. And because I drive 99% of the time, at times I see some neat stuff. I was coming home from Mesa, AZ yesterday and got an emergency call from a customer in...
  18. raydio

    Are the few new sunspots making a difference?

    Late last night I heard DX calling CQ on 40 meters...believe it was Italy. That was cool considering I'm hamstrung regarding antennas due to HOA and am using a magnetic loop. I threw out a call responding to his CQ but of course no reply -
  19. raydio

    Hispasat 30W4 moving

    Yep, I think I can swing that far West
  20. raydio

    Merry Christmas

    To all my friends in the FTA community I hope you all have a happy holiday and a new year full of fabulous ITC video - Sent from my iPhone using the SatelliteGuys app!