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    Kudos to Dish

    I just want to say Kudos to Dish. How many other large companies monitor social media and respond directly to consumers, trying their best to accommodate them? I've been with Dish for almost 15 years and Lord knows every other cable/fiber/satellite provider has tried to get me to switch, even...
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    Changing my system from two Hoppers to One?

    Hey all , My current setup is two Hoppers with Joeys. I just got off the phone with a very nice and helpful rep but she was very new and seemed a little confused. I am wanting to change my system to the Sling Hopper and three Joeys. Is this possible? I think that's what we setup an appt...
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    Sling adapter went out

    Well my sling adapter that I bought for Dish seems to have gone out. I'm just wondering if Dish will send me another? Thanks David. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
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    Connection issues

    Well tonight ran into a problem. We have two hoppers with two Joey's. One of the Hoppers tonight stopped seeing the other. One is called Living Room and the other is called Family Room. Family Room can still see living room but Living Room is NOT seeing Family Room. I've rebooted both devices...
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    How long with Dish?

    Just wondering how long you all have been with,Dish? And why? I've been with them since around 2000/2001. For the most part I've been very happy with the service they provide. I've almost jumped ship a time or two. Most recently to U-Verse and then DirectTV. Yeah I could probably get a...
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    Invalid finderID

    Got my Hoppers and Joeys installed today and it went well. The tech even gave me a sling adapter and two wifi dongles for free. My question is in regards to the Sling adapter. I have it working well on my WiFi network but once I get on LTE or 3G I get an "invalid FinderID" error. My guide works...
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    Good deal for hopper and some questions

    Okay.... I finally bit the bullet and called Dish about upgrading. I've been a customer with Dish for literally 12 years and been contract free for a while now. For the last several years we've "gotten by" with two 622's. With the top 180(?) package and HBO been paying about 114.00/month. I...
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    CH 21 (DFW) and HD?

    With local channel 21 carrying the Rangers this year, any chance Dish will start transmitting Ch 21 in HD? Tell you what, the only thing keeping me from jumping ship to U-Verse is no MLB Network. Last year when I was stuck with SD on Fox and Ch 27 my friends were able to watch it in HD.
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    922 or the Sling Solo?

    hey all, As I longtime Dish client I currently have 2 622's hooked up to 5 tv's. I would like to be able to watch TV on my iPad and thinking of either a 922 or a Sling Solo. My question to the masses is, what would you all do, or have done? What's the going rate for a 922 to a...
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    buying a used receiver for Dish?

    Hello, Aside from the inherent risks of buying something used is there anything I need to know about buying and using a used Dish Receiver? I guess my main question is, will Dish give me any trouble about activating a used receiver I didn't buy from them. I am needing a new/used box for a...
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    setup help with new HD TV's

    Hello, This is my current setup: Dish Dual Tuner Standard Definition running to two downstairs SD TV's. Dish HD Dual Tuner with one HD TV upstairs and 1 SD TV downstairs. The model numbers escape me but they are both about 3 year old tuners. Maybe a 522 and 622???? Last night I...
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    getting the landline fee waived. Any luck?

    Has anyone here had any luck getting the Dish Land line fee waived if one cancels one's land line? I am about ready to ditch ours as I can't remember the last time we used it but hate that Dish will fine us if I do. I'm hoping that I can threaten to make the switch to U-Verse and they will...
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    U-Verse DVR Questions

    Hello all, ATT U-Verse has finally made it to my neighborhood and they are chomping at the bit to get my business. However I can't seem to get a straight answer from either the sales people that are calling or the sales people knocking on the door. My main question is in regards to the...
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    622 and Home Distribution Feed

    Hello, Pardon the probably stupid question but I just want to ensure that the home distribution feed on the 622 is in fact "true" HD. I just got back from the Wal Mart where I picked up a 19inch Panasonic Widescreen LCD TV. I plugged the coax into the back of the TV tuned it to Channel...
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    Dish and a PC-TV Tuner Card,possible?

    Hello, I finally bit the bullet and bought a new PC instead of just upgrading my old one again. As such the new one includes a TV Tuner Card with DVR software. My current setup is a 622 upstairs on my bigscreen with the 2nd feed coming down to the TV in my office (same room as my...
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    UFC67, HD and Dish?

    Hey all, For the first time Feb 3rd the UFC 67 PPV is going to be broadcast in HD. Any idea if us Dish subscribers will be able to view the fight in HD? I've done some searching but can't find anything. Thanks David
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    w/622 reciever 2nd TV jerky

    Hello, I'm having an issue where the 2nd feed from my 622 (seperate TV) is jerky. It appears to just be the video. The audio is fine. Can anyone 'splain this? Thanks David
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    UFC Fights in HD?

    Hello all, Can someone advise if the UFC fights are offerend in HD if one gets the HD package? Thanks David
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    help estimate my monthly bill

    Hello all, I am thinking up dumping Dish for DirectTV and I was hoping to get someone to help estimate my monthly bill. The equipment I need from DirectTV is a HD-DVR with the Total Choice Plus package. I then need at least two more DVR's (SD) or a dual tuner DVR and finally just a single...
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    HD OTA w/Dish BOX?

    Hello, I am a current Dish subscriber in the Dallas market. I said that only because Dish does not yet offer locals in my area. I was told that I could purchase a HD-OTA and plug it into the back of my Dish box, and then antenna signal would then pass through the box and show up on the...