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  1. bobvick

    Charlie thinks DISH and DIRECTV should merge.

    I often find CordCutters News to be quite sensational as well, with little real ‘news.’ Not long back they had ‘breaking news’ from 6 months ago about the Nexstar/Tribune merger and some sales of existing stations Nexstar had to sell to Tegna. It’s usually big hype with little real information...
  2. bobvick

    WB Affiliates on Ku-Band Satellite (1998)

    You do understand I am talking about you effecting NOW, 2020? correct?? No one but you cares about what happened in 1998, OK! And what difference does it make if they were scrambled then or not you didn’t know about it.
  3. bobvick

    WB Affiliates on Ku-Band Satellite (1998)

    I realize that you likely have some issues which might make it difficult for you to understand how your actions, regarding contacting programmers, will effect many other FTA users. I would ask that you please attempt to empathize and consider your actions contacting these people. When you do...
  4. bobvick

    WB Affiliates on Ku-Band Satellite (1998)

    I think that our poster perhaps might suffer from some sort of issue. I am not positive, and I am not being rude, but now that I think about his behaviour,I believe he is either autistic or suffers from some sort of case of Asperger’s syndrome. In any case, I think it might be best to limit...
  5. bobvick

    WB Affiliates on Ku-Band Satellite (1998)

    I think you are basically talking to the wall. He has a concept, an idea in his mind and that is the way that it was, period. Regardless of whether or not he was there. Even accepting answers from people that were there at the time seems to be beyond his comprehension, or he flat refuses to...
  6. bobvick

    Media DISH antenna images

    The average reader is not going to know a Dish 300 from a 500 from a 1000. Simple fact is it really matters not to the target audience.
  7. bobvick

    cost of Ku-Band (1998)

    All I usually saw was quite poor as well. I suppose it largely depended on the outside plant of a given system. How well it was or was not maintained. Cable TV never has ran by here, however, I have friends in town that subscribed back in the day, and the PQ was ALWAYS subpar. My TV antenna...
  8. bobvick

    cost of Ku-Band (1998)

    He has ideas in his head, and wants to believe what ever he has concocted is the way that it was. I am not sure why, but he refuses to listen to people that were actually ALIVE in 1998 and knew what was going on at the time. Sent from my iPad using SatelliteGuys
  9. bobvick

    cost of Ku-Band (1998)

    By 1998, I think the only manufacturer left making receivers for subscription TVRO was General Instrument, 4DTV. I am pretty sure Uniden, Drake, HTS/Echosphere, and any of the others were done by then. You have to remember 1997-98 was the year Ergen came out with the $199 Dish Network system...
  10. bobvick

    Today was my last day as an AT&T employee

    It’s like that everywhere. It seems any large entity that has many employees cares about them less and less as the years go by. I am in government, Federal, civil service. Still a good stable job with excellent benefits, but it seems over the years I have been with my agency the higher ups care...
  11. bobvick

    Is there any way to get a Hopper 3 without a credit check?

    I have a Hopper 3 I’ll sell if he’s interested, it’s practically new, account left in good standing, receiver was owned. I’ll make a good deal, PM if interested. Sent from my iPad using SatelliteGuys
  12. bobvick

    TVAnswerman Has AT&T Predictions For 2020

    The customer should be made aware of those costs, but I don’t see any problem with being a dealer/representative for Comcast just because they have those fees.
  13. bobvick

    TVAnswerman Has AT&T Predictions For 2020

    He’s just a small business man. You’d be doing the same thing if you were in his shoes. The burden to check all that out is on the customer. Anytime one is moving to a rural area from an urban/suburban one it would behove them to become informed about what internet services are available.
  14. bobvick

    TVAnswerman Has AT&T Predictions For 2020

    I’m sure you meant no offense, but I think it’s a fallacy to say that rural people ‘tend to have lower credit scores.’ I think if you researched you’d find in many parts of the country the opposite to be true. Also, I live way out in the country, the ‘woods’ almost, with four or five houses...
  15. bobvick

    TVAnswerman Has AT&T Predictions For 2020

    Don’t have to be a business, everywhere, I can get 10 gig if I want it. But it’s about $1400 per month. 1 gig is $80
  16. bobvick

    Telstar 4 (Ku-Band) after Alphastar

    Damn I wish I had time to worry about what station was on what bird for 5 minutes in 1998. Must be nice if that’s all you got to worry about!
  17. bobvick

    Free US channels on FTA system

    Where are you located? How far from the transmitter? Do you know if your affiliate is on UHF or VHF (VHF hi or low) some broadcasters have had to move back to VHF low (2-6) since the re-pack and many antennas they sell now aren’t VHF low.
  18. bobvick

    Install Question - Hybrid LNBF with a Hopper 3 + Hopper 2

    Glad that it all arrived in good shape. I always try to anticipate what might happen between me and the destination with shipping you never know. Sent from my iPad using SatelliteGuys
  19. bobvick

    FCC to sell c band spectrum

    We were like that here until last year. Our electric coop has ran FTTH now over much of their service area. I’m way out in the country, in the ‘woods’ and have gigabit fiber now, it is unbelievable. Never thought I’d have that kind of service here.
  20. bobvick

    722k reciever fan going bad

    I bet you could find a fan that would fit on Amazon or New Egg for just a few dollars. If I didn’t want to change to the Hopper system, I’d give that a try for sure.