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  1. eddie willers

    Dish Anywhere on new Chromebox

    I replaced an older Chromebox (not Chromebook) with a brand new Acer CXI3-I58GKM. The main reason I upgraded (besides it being quick as a bunny) was that THIS box would be able to go to Google Play and run Android apps. Now it does bring up a Google Play store and I DL'd the Philips Hue app and...
  2. eddie willers

    4K Joey and HDMI-CEC

    I upgraded to a Hopper 3 system and replaced a SJ with a 4K Joey in my niece's bedroom. It is connected to a TCL 40FS4610R (1080p TV with built-in Roku TV) When they wake up in the morning, they have trouble with the volume of the TV operating. I unplugged the TV the first time to let it reboot...
  3. eddie willers

    Hopper, HP Tablet, Bluetooth & headphone jack.

    Walmart has a new under $100 tablet from HP that has an Intel processor and getting good reviews for what it is. It says it runs Android Jelly Bead 4.1 with Bluetooth 2.1...
  4. eddie willers

    Best Bluetooth Headphones?

    Any consensus or thoughts on the best (for the money) Bluetooth Stereo headphones to use with my new HWS? Obviously needs to be wireless and, since I am an old fart, would prefer good old over-the-ear as opposed to buds. TIA
  5. eddie willers

    HWS /Harmony/CC

    Just received the HWS and it works fine with the Harmony 890 remote. I just read the post on Color Button shortcuts and saw where pressing Yellow-3 from the Live TV screen you can get to the Closed Captioning page. Can someone remind me how I can create a one button macro on the Harmony so it...