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  1. branchbouncer

    ? HR24

    Directv was installed here (E*'s outta here in a couple days) 2 days ago, they didn't have the equipment for the MRV install, but I have the print out from D* and am not worried as they list the MRV install on the order form. I had 2 HR24's and 1 H24 installed I connected 1 to the internet(HR24)...
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    Happy again

    Well we had D* for 8+ years before we moved from Northern Va to Massanutten in the Shenandoah Valley(5 years ago), when we first moved here D* was not very good about our upfront prices to get new equipment, and it pissed me off so I went with cable, which I must say was really good PQ. But then...
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    Audio on PS3

    Well I guess I changed a setting on the PS3 some where as I am getting audio out of the optical but not HDMI. If I highlight optical in the audio settings- sound switch to HDMI and no sound. Swaped cables and thats not the problem, strange it was working yesterday through HDMI but not when I...
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    Do they have a booth at CES or are they fading into the distance???
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    211K question

    One of my goals in the first week of the New Year is to go through my house and sell, give away, or throw out anything that has been sitting around collecting dust for the last year or 2. I still have the boxes that the E* equipment came in for the install. I noticed that the stb boxes have no...
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    Back too 2001

    Well I guess we shouldn't expect much from E* in the up coming year, since a lot of people are reporting that the new date in thier guide and menu has put us back 9 years in time, boy it's good too feel young again, gonna have a birthday party
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    We have a 612 in the basement rec room, since the two olders have gone off to college(as of 8/22/09) the set gets little if any use. They are coming for Christmas along with a couple of thier friends that have just left Iraq. I was down stairs cleaning up, painting (since it is now an empty...
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    Don't have time to look up all the info, so if someone knows the anwser- thanks. We rent a house often for long weekends and such at Smith Mountain Lake outside of Roanoke Va. The house has E* service, but on 110 & 119 (don't know why as they have a LOS to the EA). Can I take one of my stb's...
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    Well it's been 2 hours and 35 minutes since E* went down(large rain storm lots of cloud cover) the OTA is working fine but there is no E* signal, this storm is to be here until tomorrow afternoon, I guess this means no E* programing, no HBO,etc,etc,etc. Called the neighbors and they have the...
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    The only 100% HD Service

    The only 100% HD Service/Dish Network Turbo HD Gold 100%HD-- Over 65 channels of the best high definition entertainment Add Platinum to any package *restrictions apply And remember when we add more HD Programining------you won't get it:neener:neener:neener:neener:neener:neener
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    New HD

    These new HD channels were to be added on the 11th of March, anyone get them: NickHD ComedyCentralHD MTVHD VH1HD CMTHD BETHD SpikeHD
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    Signal low?

    Well the E* service was installed yesterday, The installer did not like to work on a ladder it seems, so I helped him. When we were tweaking the signal I held the meter for him so I really could be the levels. He said that it was good, we went ahead and got all the boxes installed 2-211 and...
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    Dish Geeks--- advice

    Well here's the latest form the world of Dish ordering-- I was sent an e-mail about an install that was too happen last Sunday then Wed then Fri, well they just called about installing tomorrow instead of the 4- 211's that are on my conformation form the gentleman who just call said that they...
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    Not installed yet

    Well Dish said that the install would be last Sunday, when they sent me the confirmation e-mail they had me for a 110-119, after I had told the CSR that the only thing that would work at my location was a 61.5. I was assured that the installer would know the area and bring the proper equipment...
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    How old are 211/411 stb's Dish is doing an install for me on Sunday and this was the equipment that is listed on the order form that was e-mailed to me. This is for an Eastern Arc install---upsides, downsides?
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    More stations

    I am trying to pull as many OTA channels as possible, time to pick some peoples brains here. I have had a CM 4228, DB 8, 42XG( I know it's small) and just made a Gray-Hooverman and it works the best of all that I have had. The current setup has me using a cable( and I assume antenna amp)...
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    61.5 or need for wing dish

    Does anyone here know the anwser too this (you'all know more about this than I do). My zip is 22840 I was wondering if I can get by with a dish aimed at the 61.5 to get the turbo pak from Dishnetwork or am I going to need 2 dishes for the service, not too up on the Eastern Arc as everyone in the...
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    Vista holds out over Mac air book

    Flash flaw leads to Vista laptop's fall Posted by Tom Krazit | 23 comments It held out as long as possible, but a Windows Vista laptop fell to a determined bunch of hackers Friday evening at the Pwn to Own contest at CanSecWest. Since it was the third day of the contest, which saw a MacBook...
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    PPV getting better all the time

    Will movies purchased before April 15, 2008 be deleted from my playlist? No, movies purchased before April 15, 2008, currently on your playlist, are not affected by this new policy. How long will selections I’ve opted to “record/buy later” be on my playlist? When you opt to...
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    New Channels

    This morning when I got up, 2AM, there were 9 new channels, not sure what five of them were as the logo's were not displayed and the call signs did not seem to be anything I had seen before. At just before 7AM they went off. 4 of the channels were HBO, Showtime, Starz, and Cinemax, they also...