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  1. riggscm

    DirecTV could lose G4 (Removed 11-1)

    Pfft... this was a crappy channel when it was invented, became crappier when they bought and destroyed TechTV, and if they weren't owned by Comcast the channel would be of the radar for everyone. Anyway, I say let it drop... it sux and wont be missed
  2. riggscm

    MRV working only 1 way

    Well Gents... You are all the best. A opt out/in here, a RBR there and all is well. Thanks fellas!
  3. riggscm

    MRV working only 1 way

    Hey gang, So I grabbed a Wireless networking bridge to hook up my Master bedroom HR23 to my HT setup with my HR21. I can see my sharelist from my HR21, but cant see the sharelist from the HR20. Any Ideas? Its like the HR20 is only hosting files for playback, and won't play or list anything...
  4. riggscm

    very slow HR20-100 after most recent upgrade

    Hey gang, Sorry for not getting back to my thread. so yeah its been several weeks now since our update, and while the unit has sped up since the RBR's I mentioned, it is still much slower than I remember. Time will tell I suppose. Thanks all.
  5. riggscm

    very slow HR20-100 after most recent upgrade

    Well 3 RBRs later and the box seems to be back to normal. not sure about the 963 code noted above but I use a harmony remote and I I don't think that would make a diff. in my setup. Anyway, thanks for the feed back everyone.
  6. riggscm

    very slow HR20-100 after most recent upgrade

    So my Hr20-100 is slow... I mean dog slow after the most recent national roll out that gave us smart search and beta of MRV. an example of the slowness... I hit play in the list and the program starts playing and it takes like 10 sec. to switch out to full screen. another example... takes...
  7. riggscm

    3D HDTV Channel for Direct TV in 2010

    3d in the home is a joke. Why would I ever... EVER wear special glasses to watch TV? 2 years from now 3d will be a flop and will be forgotten Look how lame it is in the theater. And don't go on some rant about how f-ing great Avatar is. Its just a gimmick plain and simple. The only reason...
  8. riggscm

    When are the new HD channels launching?

    just to throw my hat in the ring... All my HD content looks great. I'd really like to know where you are seeing a loss of quality
  9. riggscm

    On Demand Problem !

    Tiger I'm not sure I understand your difficulty. In your recorded program listing highlight the program you wish to remove and press the dash (-) button twice, or the red button once. Not any different than you would for a non-vod recording.
  10. riggscm

    What is this?

    looks like some sort of filter if you ask me.
  11. riggscm

    Any installers in the chicagoland?

    Dodge, I didn't know you were in Plano. Good job representing far far west burbs! :up
  12. riggscm

    Apps - WTF?

    I guess my biggest problem with this whole Apps thing is that there are no error messages or codes or anything at all. I mean a screen flicker isn't enough for me to troubleshoot off of. If the apps wont run because of my setup somehow, then how about a little "you're screwed bub" popup? I...
  13. riggscm

    Apps - WTF?

    Jimbo, I've been around for quite a while, just like you, and I would hope that you know what I mean when I say the DVR's are reliably unreliable. Don't you see, just like I do, all the problems posted on this site and others like it, that us faithful subscribers have with the D* equipment...
  14. riggscm

    New channel, Resort & Residence, coming October 28

    From what I've read maybe we should be happy its not up
  15. riggscm

    VOD via telephone line?

    Amen Starm. I have had my system for over 6 years and, I just recently (last month) added a phone line to my primary HR20 because my wife wanted to see the caller ID pop-up. Phone line is not needed to activate receivers, watch TV, or do VOD. Advanced features like VOD, and Apps require a...
  16. riggscm


    ummm... is this a question or a statement? if question: what are you asking? if statement: Good Job!
  17. riggscm

    Apps - WTF?

    --Morning shower insightful question of the day-- Anybody know or care to guess if UPNP needs to be turned on in the router to get these things to work? I'll be chained to my desk for the next 8-10 hours, so I wont be able to test till much later in the day.
  18. riggscm

    Apps - WTF?

    Sounds like you are in the Cutting Edge testing group. Have you noted that failure to work in your bug reports?
  19. riggscm

    Apps - WTF?

    You know gang I'm sure about the software version needed to run the things. But I know that they were mentioned in my last "whats on" flyer that we get in our bill. Last night I did a red button reset, went though the the setup menus to verify that my STB had a IP address, and was indeed...
  20. riggscm

    Apps - WTF?

    FWIW I noticed some slow behavior like the first 2-3 times I used it, but after that it was smooth sailing.