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    I need to vent about D* Billing.

    I need to vent and since I don't have time to call retention: As my name implies I work for an airline. At one time I was frontline customer service so if anyone understand things happen and little issues arising it's me, but I am about to loose my cool with D* over billing and it's hard to...
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    Atlanta HD locals (sub channels)

    I am out in Winston about 10 miles south of I20. According to D* and some website I could get the locals via OTA, but the D* tech said not a chance. Maybe I'll give it a shot when they enable the OTA on the HR20s and see what happens.
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    Atlanta HD locals (sub channels)

    Thanks for the info everybody! The OTA is not an option for me because I am too far away from the city…most of what's on there is probably junk and not needed, I just thought 'why not..the more the better', but I guess that is not true in this case.
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    Good Install Experience

    I can now second the good install experience. Have had the new HDDVR for three weeks but was waiting on the 5LNB. After getting the complete run-around for three weeks between D* and the local company, I had a supervisor out today to install the 5LNB and run a second line to my bedroom...
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    Atlanta HD locals (sub channels)

    Hey all, Have had the new HDDVR for three weeks. FINALLY D* came out today to put up the 5LNB so now I have HD locals in Atlanta. Now, I am in Cincinnati 3 to 4 times a month and when I am there watching HD Locals, friends have HD subchannels. For instance, locals are 5, 9, 12, 19 and...
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    Does D* let you install yourself? -lease vs. buy

    Nahh..not there yet. The frustration is still worth it because I only paid S&H for everything. It's very worth it every Sunday at 130PM!! :)
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    Atlanta - HR20 direct from DTV?

    I got the HR20-700 here in Atlanta last week. Got it Thursday. The installer 'installed' it....if that's the correct word for turning it on and leaving. BUT I am still waiting on the 5LNB to get locals. I am in Douglasville and tech told me the OTA wouldn't work this far out. The LNB was...
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    Does D* let you install yourself? -lease vs. buy

    They offer free install to existing upgrades too BUT, I can tell you why to not go for it: You are due an install on a Tuesday, the installer shows up and says he doesn't have the receiver or dish, he'll be back when he gets it. He comes back on Thursday, pops the HR20-700 in and leaves...
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    HR 20-700 Promo's

    Guys/Gals..... I ordered an upgrade a month ago. Figured I was getting the 10-250 and got the HR20-700 last Thrusday (Atlanta). First I was paying $299 for it but I did call back and get it for nothing. I was very nice when I called and the first CSR gave it to me for $299. I was having...
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    Ordering the ABC/CBS/NBC/FOX national feeds

    Who is allowed to order ABC/CBS/NBC/FOX national feeds? Is it for people without access to local channels?? If so, are you able to drop your locals to receive the nationals? Thanks.
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    HR20 Program Guide/Sunday ticket satellite

    One more thing guys and gals. Not that this feature does much for me but I do have caller ID at home but everytime the phone rings, the TV says "Incoming call, contact your phone company to order caller ID". The only options on the menu are to turn call notification on or off. No set up...
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    HR20 Program Guide/Sunday ticket satellite

    Hey all, Still loving the HR20, it will take time to get used to the switch from TIVO but I am adaptable and will grow into the new formats. I do miss having sound effects when I FF or Rewind programs (helps you know how fast you are going) and don't seem to have sound effects for satellite...
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    Just got HR20 in Atlanta

    I've been dealing with the customer retention number since I started this ordeal. When I called today to tell them they now needed to send the 5LNB out the rep was very surprised that I had the new receiver. Between the contract installers and retention - one hand doesn't seem to know what...
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    Just got HR20 in Atlanta

    Saw the other post wanting the HR10-250....I was expecting that but got the HR20............ Update for y'all of my "How'd I do?" post……… Started a new one but in the first post I asked how I did getting all the deals everyone gets from retention but I was paying $299 for the receiver...
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    Does "moving" still work??

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    Does "moving" still work??

    I am in Winston, GA (30 miles west of Atlanta). Zip is 30187. I looked at the spotbeam eyes are crossed now. Not sure how to read them!
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    DirecTV 10-250 question

    I had a Samsung TIVO unit unplugged and stored for 9 months. Everything worked when I unpacked it at the new house. Nothing was erased.
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    Worst SD

    The worst for me is the TBS LOCAL Atlanta station. TBS has the national channel on 247 and I never had problems with it when I lived in Ohio but in Atlanta it's a local station. It's horrible. The quality sometimes reminds me of a UHF channel that is barely coming in using rabbit ear...
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    Does "moving" still work??

    Really? How do I "move" back to the Cincinnati market?
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    How did I do?

    Hey all....thanks for the feedback. Had some TIVO issues yesterday after thunderstorms so I called 1-800-DIRECTV. After getting disconnected twice, I called the retention number and just asked if I could be transferred to technical assistance. The rep said she could just help me. At one...