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    Can I still activate my old 522?

    I have an old 522 can I activate it? Or was this one of the receivers that was involved in the Tivo suit......
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    Dish customer thinking of switching due to NY going to spot can I move?

    I am a current Dish Network customer who has a billing address is California and a service address in NY. With Dish pulling the plug on the NY CONUS HD feed I am looking to switch. Would it be possible to have an install out here in California and then "move" back to New York? Are the New York...
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    Ny Locals going to spot?

    Anyone know If NY NY locals are going to go to spot beam anytime soon? I really don't want to have to "move" back west.
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    Spot Beam question

    How far does the footprint of a spotbeam extend outside of its intended dma?
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    NY Locals

    Are NY Locals on a spot beam? Lets say I had a billing address of NY and a summer home in california (cough cough) would my summer home get the NY locals
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    622 Recording bug

    Anyone notice the problem with there 622 when recording. If for any reason the box loses signal or power and is in the recording process it will not pick back up and record ounce the signal has been regained. Anyone else have this bug
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    622 Gets 3.52 Friday

    another software update Friday, wonder what it fixes
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    622 Bug

    Caller ID shows name unavailable out of area, even though the number shows up on all the phones. It also locked up today I relized it when I walked downstairs and i heard the turbo prop fan they have in there going full throttle. Tried a power button reset 622 was unresponsive. Had to pull the...
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    Distant Locals HD

    I just got my 622 activated. I called back because I only have LA locals ( I am in that market) available in HD. I have waivers for NY FOX ABC and CBS. I already get the CBS HD east feed of 61.5. 2 CSR's informed me that since I live in the L.A. market that is all the local HD I can get. ( NO...
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    My 622 has shipped

    As many you have read in previous posts I have been in dish networks executive office's face the past 2 weeks about getting the run around on when I will get my 622. They said I will receive it this week and I can activate it by calling the executive office..... No it is not an empty box
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    they can't get anything right

    My friend next door had his new 211 installed today... They did a great job connecting the power plug, phone line and Sat input. The installer did forget to put a dish 1000 up so he can actually view the channels.... At least he got a box, maybe by November my 622 will arrive
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    No 622's till march

    Just got off the phone with a CSR at the Executive Offices of Dish. He stated as off today no 622's will be shipping till march 1. i ordered mine Feb 1. Be prepared for your install dates to be cancelled. I am sure they will wait until last minute......
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    On the next Charlie Chat

    We would like to welcome our 12 million customers to this months Chat where we advertise all the new stuff THAT YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO GET....... That was a great chat!!! This is Charlie ( I have no idea what I am talking about during these chats) Ergen........... See you next month
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    Dish 1000 install

    I am replacing my 500 with a 1000. My current set up is a 119/110/61.5. I am going to go to 119/110/61.5/ 129. When I install can I keep the same mast? also when I connect to my DPP44 do I just take the 129 feed and run it to the switch or should I do that lnb loop that it shows in the diagram
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    Where Oh Where will the HD locals be?

    What bird do you think they will roll out the new HD locals?
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    center ice 921 problem

    I have tried to record two games on the NHL Center Ice Package and both times I have had problems. The first time I tried to play it my receiver would lock up and reboot everytime I use the skip button. after playing aroung with it I noticed it didnt really record even though it said it did...
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    San Diego Locals via antenna from LA market?

    I live in Murrieta 80 miles from San Diego. I am considered in the LA Market. Can I put up an antenna and feed it to my receivers and get the LA Locals from Dish and San Diego via OTA? Will the receivers allow this? 921,522,508?
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    HD OTA from L.A & San Diego

    I am 50 miles from San Diego and 90 Miles from Los Angeles. I am considered in the L.A Market, can I put an antenna up and get SD locals to my 921 and also have the L.A. Locals from dish????
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    super home node

    anyone know when and if it is available yet?
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    Keeping distant locals

    I am moving three miles from my current home. What would be my best course of action to keep my NY FOX ABC CBS.... I don't want to lose them. I live in the L.A Market....