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    Slimline 3 (99/101/103) with Zinwell 4x4 switch

    Hi guys, I am having some problems installing my DTV dish. I am not getting any signal with a Slimline 3 dish and Zinwell 4x4 switch. Is it possible that this switch is not compatible with this dish? Or could it be that I am not fine tuning the dish enough. The receiver is HR21 if I remember...
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    2 Receivers affect one another

    Hey guys, I recently moved to a new address and when I setup my dish and connected the 2 receivers to the dual LNB via a switch, first month was working good. After a month, the channels watching on first receiver affected the second. Like if I put some channel on the first, second receiver I...
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    TV IR Receiver Sensor not working?

    Hey guys. I have a Sylvania TV. The remote control isnt working. I changed the batteries, tried 5 other universal remotes and still doesnt work. So I concluded it must the be the IR sensor in the TV thats not working. How can I fix this? Can I open up the TV and look for a problem? I have...
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    DTV 36" Dish with RCA receiver

    Hey guys, I am trying to install my new DTV system. I have a DTV 36" Worldirect dish with RCA DRD430RG receiver. So I have basically 101 and 95 to get. I have 2 LNB outputs from the 101 LNB into the first 2 ports of the 6x8 switch. Then I have 1 output from 95 single LNB into the 3rd port of...
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    Armenia 1 TV Galaxy 19

    Hey guys I am looking up and it says updated 01/07 and shows Armenia 1 TV as a FTA channel. But on my receiver it shows as paid channel and nothing shows. I was looking at this channel since 01/05. Is Lyngsat wrong or my receiver?
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    5 sats and two 4x1 diseqc switch

    Hey guys how you doin. I have two 4x1 disqecq switch and 5 sats. How can I combine the two (4x1 switches together to make (8x1) is it possible.
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    DTV 5 LNB dish

    Hey guys I have a DTV 5 LNB dish slimline. If I replace the lnb with a linear lnb, can I get 97w. The dish size is 32 in width and about 23 in length. Is it possible to get 97w?
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    Coolsat 6000 with multiswitch

    Hey guys, I have a simple question. I want to install a 3x4 multi switch fron dual lnb. Is there anything I need to change in the receiver settings after I put up the switch? Also should I scan it directly connected to the LNB or connected thru the switch? Does it matter?
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    ViaCast MSR 1500

    I saw ViaCast MSR 1500 FTA receiver on ebay today for a low price, so I bought it, should be coming soon. Does this have blind scan? or do I have to update all the TP's under G25 and autoscan? Thanks.
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    BlackBird Stealth 2000 FTA receiver

    Hey guys anyone heard of BlackBird Stealth 2000 FTA receiver. I know someone who is selling it for cheap and I want to buy it but first want to make sure if it can get G25? Couldnt find anything on it on google. THanks
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    G25 dual LNB to 3 receivers

    Hey guys, I have a dual lnb thats getting G25, I dont have a switch on the roof, so the two receivers are connected to the LNB directly. I want to add another receiver, what switch should I buy and where do I hook up the 2 lines from the dual LNB what part of the switch? thanks.
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    Replacing LNB throat size

    Hey guys thanks to your help I decided to replace my single LNB with dual to get 2 receivers. I have a Directv 36"(oval) world direct dish. Can anyone please tell me what throat size LNB would be compatible with that dish. Thanks
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    Split LNB Line

    Hey guys How do I split the LNB line to go to 2 receivers. I tried a reg 2 way splitter but didnt work. I have a single LNB that is getting 97W Right now it is connected directly to my 1st receiver. I am adding a 2nd receiver, what switch is required to split the LNB line 2 ways.
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    97W no signal

    hey guys great site by the way. I have been trying all day and have not been able to get any signal on 97w. Here are my details: DirecTV - 36" International Dish (Oval) with 1 LNB: Eagle Aspen 95 KU Feed Horn Assembly with P170KU+Single Output LNB Input Freq: 11.7 - 12.2 GHz Output Freq...