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  1. Pismire

    Composite cable

    I bought a Slingbox solo yesterday but I misplaced the composite cable. I have 2 here but neither work. Video is garbled and audio has a nasty buzzing sound so I assume they are wired differently. What is the pin out for the A/V jack on the back of the MicroHD? The Slingbox works fine on my...
  2. Pismire

    It's here!

    My new MicroHd arrived this afternoon. What a sweet little box! Just did the firmware upgrade and setting it up now. Very easy to operate. Thank you SatelliteAV.
  3. Pismire

    Another Primestar Saved

    I had my eye on this 1.2m last summer but couldn't catch anyone home. Drove by it a few days ago and noticed it was pulled from the ground so today my son and I knocked on the door. Approaching the place I noticed a heavy arsenal of no tresspassing signs so was a bit apprehensive. I knocked and...
  4. Pismire

    American Pickers Dish

    Did anyone watch American Pickers on History tonight? If so did you spot the Cband dish in the shop? Was around the vacancy sign against the wall. My 9 year old son spotted it even. Heck with the sign I'll take the dish. :) Great show BTW, another winner for History.
  5. Pismire

    Nasa Shuttle Launch

    The space shuttle is supposed to go up in a couple of hours. Didn't see anyone mention it here. I am tuned into AMC7 HD. This will be the first time I have had the pleasure to see it in HD as the last few launches I have had a bad lnb on this dish, only could get H on it. Hoping for a safe and...
  6. Pismire

    CL FREE Viewsat Ultra (Renton Wa)

    I just don't live close enough to these places. Looks like a pirate giving away the booty. satellite dish, reciever and mount FREE
  7. Pismire

    10' Dish & DSR920 (CL Kistap Wa State)

    Found this on Craigslist. Out of my area so I will share this. They want $325 Satellite Dish + 4D TV Receiver
  8. Pismire

    The List!

    Just wanted to thank the list guys for the updates. I was pleased today when I was tuning in a bud to find that it is up to date for a change. It's better than Lyngsat at this point IMHO. Great job! :up Keep up the excellent work. :hatsoff:
  9. Pismire

    Free BUD (Tacoma Wa)

    Here's another one out of my way. I live up north. Looks to be a 10 footer. Satellite Dish
  10. Pismire

    Free 6 footer (CL Seattle Area)

    Found this one this evening. Little out of my way for a 6 footer. 6ft Satellite Dish
  11. Pismire

    Pismire's BUD No. 2

    Well it's been a few years since I planted a bud, 1998 to be exact. And remember putting in about 3 yards of cement in that thing. Even got the new wife to help back then. She was all excited to get some good tv through Netlink so she pitched in on a dark Friday night after work..... Ahh the...
  12. Pismire

    Free C-Band Dish (Seattle)

    Found this one on Craigslist locally here. Looks to be in good shape. Thought I would pass it along. FREE Satellite Dish
  13. Pismire

    Need your hits

    I hope this is the right place and not breaking any rules. If so please remove and accept my apologies. Hey everyone. Trying to help my brother get the song he wrote to the number 1 slot on Soundclick. It is at number 2 right now. It's a really nice Bluegrass/Folk style song. He plays all the...
  14. Pismire


    Did Retrojams turn into something else or did my receiver go wacko. A-Team is on now and earlier it was Emergency!
  15. Pismire

    Captain RTN!

    Much to my surprise sitting in the mailbox today was a small package from RTN. This is the 3rd gift I have received from them and the absolute best. In the past I have received an Alvin and the Chipmunks dvd and autographed pictures of Gary for both my wife and I. Captain RTN came with a...
  16. Pismire

    RTN Radio

    Doesn't seem to be on 11720 anymore. Anybody know if it moved or?
  17. Pismire

    Rtn G10r?

    No RTN today. Anybody else? I see some thunderstorms over that way.
  18. Pismire

    12' dish ad

    Just found this for those in the area. 12 foot DISH - QRZ Forums Just passing it on.
  19. Pismire

    Unreliable Sources 5 days a week

    Gary is looking spiffy in his suit tonight. Heard him mention that it will be 5 days a week now. I sure hope people don't get bored with the show. I really like to watch on Friday but not sure about 5 days a week. We will see. BTW: I am watching it on Retrojams and they just had one of those...
  20. Pismire

    RTN Logo

    Anyone notice the Easter logo?