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  1. Matt9876

    DISH Live Now- Total Solar Eclipse Live From Space

    WHAT: Sunday’s total solar eclipse will not be visible in the U.S., but DISH Network’s exclusive DishEARTH channel will be broadcast the event in real-time. WHERE: Launching on Earth Day last year, DishEARTH, Ch. 287, broadcasts live 24/7 views of Earth from the world’s first Earth-directed...
  2. Matt9876

    Knoxville TN gets HD Locals !!

    4 Networks available now in HD for Knoxville Tn locals from 61.5 bird. :)
  3. Matt9876

    Tyler TX- Longview get HD locals

    The following broadcast networks are available in HD: KLTV/ABC and KYTX/CBS. DIRECTV hopes to add additional stations as they become available. With the addition of Tyler - Longview, Quote : DirecTv
  4. Matt9876

    Knoxville HD locals now on.

    FOX,CBS,NBC,ABC are live in HD for Knoxville Tn. Just finish new install and they look great. :)
  5. Matt9876

    Blue Lazers rule all !

    Thanks to the blue laser we now have HD-DVD and Blu-ray April 2008 will see the first Red,Blue,Green laser DLP HD tvs. No more $200-$400 arc lamp to replace. No more burned out florescent tubes (LCD TVs) Units will be low weight and very high quality displays. The future looks bright for...
  6. Matt9876

    New Hot transponders for 103(a) Whats up?

    Suddenly have three transponders in the high 90s for 103(a). Other areas reporting more hot transponders as well. Suspect D* is adding more locals, anyone know for sure ?
  7. Matt9876

    H20 needs channel change fix

    Running H20 with ver# 2024 software. I have setup favorites and adjusted options and it's just not working properly . When typing in channel number it always locks in on the SD version first pressing channel up should land it on the HD version but no it goes past the channel so you must press...
  8. Matt9876

    Test Channels 9300 & 9301 should stay on ! *Update: They are up now!

    Directv should leave on the two HD test channels so the field techs can start working out customer HD equipment and alignment issues. A lot of service issues could be ironed out between now and Wed. the proposed start date. Matt
  9. Matt9876

    Game lounge working on H20

    At 9:00 pm 09/20/07 games started working on my H20-600. Matt