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    Random Pixelation even with clear skies

    Had direct tv for about a month now and have had pixelation a few times (once or twice a week). when it does it sometimes it will go on for up to an hour. I have an HR 24 and two other regular non dvr hd boxes the dish they put up is the newest slimline dish. I had seen people say the most...
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    Wireless DECA and Hr-24

    Had direct tv for about 2 weeks now, and i'm pretty happy with it. Except for on demand. My hr-24 is hooked to a wireless deca. When i get something on demand it takes forever to download. For example, my gf wanted to watch dexter(1hr episode). It took nearly 4hrs to download it. Is that...
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    New to Direct TV, got some questions

    First my setup They put up the current SlimLine dish i have dvr with a HR24 in the living room then two H25's one in each bedroom First question The installer wanted to tap into my road runner internet, he said he would have to tie into my coax going to the modem. I told him i had Cat5 network...