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  1. onsiteSat

    Need a Phone Number for XM dealer services

    I'm looking for a phone number for XM dealer services. Ive got some questions that regular CSR's just can't wrap their heads around.
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    Installer Needed (Hughesnet)

    Our company is looking for a certified Hughesnet installer in or around Edinbergh, IN. If you are interested please PM Me.
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    Looking for a Spotbeam Map for WB

    Im looking for a good quality map of Wild Blue Spotbeams Ive found 2 online here and here neither are very accurate and both are low rez. The reason I need this is because I have a customer that lives in Mesa, AZ and he is trying to use his modem at home and at his cabin in Young, AZ. If anyone...
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    Hooters Air We hardly knew you I allways thought it was a bad idea from the get-go.
  5. onsiteSat

    Sirius Commercial Account

    Does any one have a web link or a phone number to activate a commercial account in a business?
  6. onsiteSat

    Quick Facts for 622 and 222

    Just got these off the web and I thought I would share them here. (Note from Scott, these are the OFFICIAL 222 and 622 Spec Sheets from Dish Network)
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    Need help setting up a customer on Galaxy 10R

    Ok I think I may have this figured out. I'm looking to setup a customer of mine who has Dish network. He got Dish for SBS and MBN we set him up with 2 811's and a super dish. Now since the take down He hasn't watched any of his Korean channels just some HD. What I'm looking to do is get him...
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    New 942 Feature but does it work?

    New 942 Feature, but does it work? Does anyone have a new or current list of compatable cameras that will communicate and send photos to the 942. I tried my Uncles camera a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-F707 via USB to the front it detected it, but it shows nothing in the on screen file listing. Oh well...
  9. onsiteSat

    Analog TV To Shut Down on April 7, 2009

    Analog TV To Shut Down On April 7, 2009 The Senate Commerce Committee on Thursday gave overwhelming approval to a measure aimed at ending analog television broadcasting by April 7, 2009. The measure provides $3 billion to help consumers who cannot afford new digital TV sets buy converter...
  10. onsiteSat

    New DISH Network Mosaic

    Got this info from Our local distributor relating to the new Ch 100 Rollout dates and recievers. New DISH Network mosaic The new DISH Network mosaic is scheduled to launch on 8/17 on channel 100. The channels will be interchangeable, but are starting out with the six channels listed...
  11. onsiteSat

    Dish Network HD 34 inch Drivers?

    Any body know if there are any divers available for the 34inch or 40inch Dish Network HD monitor? I have a customer trying to hook up a PC to the DVI port on the back.
  12. onsiteSat

    New ESPN channels?

    Is anyone else receiving channels 147 and 148 on dish As ESP3A and ESP4A (respectively) Or is this a Dealer only thing (I’m at the office)
  13. onsiteSat

    Installing XM universal tunerbox

    I got my hands on a XMD1000 universal Tunerbox. I am trying to install it in a 2005 Scion XB. I was told by some bonehead at the Toyota Dealership that the Terk XMDPIO100 adapter would work it has a adapter that looks like a stanard Pioneer "P" Plug, it makes sense because the Factory installed...