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  1. freddylq

    OTHER Digipower SG-2100 Replacement ?

    Trying to get back into the FTA hobby after 6 years being gone. My small Ku dish is still on it's pole in my backyard with a SG-2100...Bought a GT-Media V7 S2X to replace my old X2 Premium V. I seem to have issues with SG-2100 moving. What are you guys using as a motor ? Going back to my X2 and...
  2. freddylq

    Me TV

    Is MeTV available on Ku band??
  3. freddylq


    What is KU2? I've seen this over on Lyngsat and was wondering what's the difference.
  4. freddylq

    FTA System Install

    Hi guys! I need a little help here. I'm installing a motorized FTA dish in my back yard but I don't have the manuals for the dish or the motor. I bought this system with motor years ago from Sadoun (Digipower SG2100). Looking at the image with the motor, to set up my latitude which is the marker...