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    Next Generation Hopper

    There does not seem to be any news release or leaks about a possible release of the next generation Hopper. Now that we are going into 2020 in just a little more than 6 weeks, do any of our forum "insiders" have any information that can be shared with us? Is a next generation Hopper been...
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    Problems with Channel 204 - TRU

    Anyone having trouble tuning to Channel 204 Tru TV? It is the only channel that I get the "satellite signal has been lost" error and I am getting it on multiple receivers. I have checked switch, reset the receiver by unplugging it for 30 seconds, unplugged and plugged in the switch. Does...
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    Help with Dish 1000 upgrade and a 811 Receiver

    I previously had Dish 500 connected to a SW34 to 4 receivers (1-811 and 3-4900's). I took down my Dish 500 and replaced it with a Dish 1000. I replaced the SW64 with a DPP44 switch. I have 119 connected to dish port , 110 to port 2, and the dual LNBF to ports 3 & 4. I ran check switch on all...