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  1. ronfelder


    Question. Why are none of the Hallmark channels operational on Dish today November 8, 2018?
  2. ronfelder

    You tube

    I've recently gotten a hopper 3 and two Joey's version 2.0. Why is it I only see you tube on the hopper and not the Joey's? Netflix and all the other apps appear on both devices. It seems to me when it was first installed that you tube was available on the Joey's. Sent from my LG-H811 using the...
  3. ronfelder


    What are the differences between the Joey 1.0 and the Joey 2.0? Both of mine are hard wired to my hopper 1.0 through a hic. Will this setup still work should i upgrade to a hopper 3.0? What will the installer do to my setup should i upgrade my hopper 1.0 to a 3.0? Thanks Sent from my LG-H811...
  4. ronfelder

    Encore channels

    Does anyone know if and when Dish will transmit all the various Encore channels in HD? Thanks.
  5. ronfelder


    What is the model number of the original first generation Joey ? I am programming a harmony remote. Thanks.
  6. ronfelder


    I just recently bought my second Harmony 650 Remote. The first one works fine controlling my Hopper. Now I'm trying to control my Joey with this new remote. It's the original Joey from Dish. It doesn't take any commands from the new remote. I believe the problem is that the Harmony 650 uses IR...
  7. ronfelder


    I know that with insurance you have to keep it for six months or be penalized for early cancellation. My question is how much is the cancellation fee? It still might be cheaper to pay the cancellation fee then keeping the insurance for the minimum amount of time. Thanks.
  8. ronfelder

    losing wifi to hopper and joey

    I have the following setup to get wifi to my single hopper and single joey. I have a Linksys gaming adapter that is plugged into the Hopper by way of the Hopper Internet Connection box. My problem is almost regularly even multiple times during the day the Hopper will loose it's link to my local...
  9. ronfelder

    fox movie channel

    So does anyone know why Dish is moving Fox Movie Channel up into the 300's? It's been at it's present location of 133 for years. Will this channel in it's move go HD?
  10. ronfelder

    dish anywhere log in problems

    I have just started using Firefox as my main browser and have the latest version of it Version 18.0.1. I am unable to log into my Dish Anywhere account to use it. I am able og in though using Chrome or IE 9. Stopped using IE do to it being slow for me. Plus i've heard good things about Firefox...
  11. ronfelder


    IN the past when I recorded a series I was able to make folder for the episodes. I went to do this yesterday and never saw the option for making a new folder. Did they remove this feature or was it changed in any way? I did see the list of possible folder names that I had created in the past...
  12. ronfelder

    program info

    I have noticed if I look at a title from ptat it show the title of the show and it's synopsis.If I then while watching the show call up the same info it shows an entirely different episode and synopsis.what gives? This might also be happening on non ptat shows but don't remember my checking.
  13. ronfelder


    Why am I able to view episode 8 of Magic City through Dishonline but not on my TV through @home?
  14. ronfelder

    preview screen

    This is another new problem I have discovered. After starting a movie from @home it shows in the preview screen behind the description field. To get to see full screen you have to back out of @home. Previously after starting a movie you saw it with nothing in the way.
  15. ronfelder

    Not remembering where it left off

    My Joey isn't remembering where it left off. This happens if I start the show on the hopper or if after finding where I left off and I exit and return the Joey starts from beginning every time. At one time this feature worked. Don't know when it stopped. Perhaps after last update bit not certain.
  16. ronfelder

    criminal minds

    Don't know what happened with PTAT while recording Criminal Minds but it seems to have lost the ability to skip commercials. There was no kangaroo nor did it askif i wanted to skip commercials.The bigger problem though was it only recorded about five minutes of the program before it said program...
  17. ronfelder

    wlvt-TV channel 39 Allentown

    I don't know if this is a Dish, Hopper, or TV station problem so I'll ask if anyone else had my problem. While watching wlvt channel 39 from Allentown Pennsylvania I've discovered that the video and audio is freezing and that the video is breaking up.This isn't rain fade for I am now having...
  18. ronfelder

    Fox Movie Channel

    What happened to Fox Movie Channel? I haven't had it on for quite awhile but last night I did . First of I noticed it's called FX Movie Channel. Though Dish still calls it Fox Movie Channel. Secondly they interrupted the movie with quite a number of commercials.
  19. ronfelder

    can't see what's on my dvr

    I am using Dish Online, formerly Dish Remote Access. Well until recently i've been able to view what is available on my dvr in addtion to viewing live tv. I no longer am able to see what's available on my DVR let alone watch it. When you click on the tab "My recordings" It only shows you the...
  20. ronfelder


    Any idea as to where I may find a complete users manual for the Hopper and the Joey? I found on the Hopper a basic help file.I've looked on Dish's site and the only thing available is a pdf of the pamphlets given to you at installation. E.g. button identification on the remote. Thanks.