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    HD tv live production

    Massive bandwidth.... Neal
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    HD tv live production

    Typical OB HD sporting events(6-10 cameras) here run $60,000 - $80,000 per weekend I have heard. Neal
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    How many of you are Tech's/installers?

    Which one? haha - or did you mean both!! :D Neal
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    How many of you are Tech's/installers?

    I dunno if I qualify as an installer/tech but I get to push the button that says modulate! Neal
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    Permits for satellites?

    I have a question, I am moving into an apartment that does already allow DBS antennas to be installed, but does this FCC ruling mean that no landlord can impede you from installing a DBS antenna as long at it is under 1m? Neal
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    Searching for Audio/Video Monitor Neal
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    My HD .WMV movie!

    Oh heck ya. Running out of breath at 10,000 feet is a real hoot! It really is a great time. Neal
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    My HD .WMV movie!

    No problem! Neal
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    My HD .WMV movie!

    Just finshed editing and uploading a 5:30 HD video from a recent snowmobile trip. We were in Island Park, ID and the snow was great! It was shot with a JVC GY-HD100 and mixed in Dolby 5.1. Enjoy! :hungry: Also let me know what you...
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    Multiple Satellites at same orbital slot

    It depends, some are seen as different satellites, ie. if you peak on G11 you will not be peaked on NIMIQ. Neal
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    Picture Quality D* or E*?

    Channels on D* or E* are only give so much bandwidth. The amount of information that can be carried effects the quality so the channels that have lower amounts of bandwidth are poorer quality (generally speaking). The bandwidth is changed around depending on a channel's rating. The better the...
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    The big Question???

    This is the lineup for me: ABCHD (KSFYD) PBSHD (KBHED) PBSHD (KESDD) CBSHD (KELOD) NBCHD (KDLTD) FOXHD (KTTWD) ESPNHD FSNHD TNTHD DHDTV HDNet HDNet Movies INHD INHD2 HBOHD HBOHDW MAXHD MAXHDW STARZ-HD STARZ-HDW ShowtimeHD TMCHD Is this about what everyone else is seeing from the cablecos? Neal
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    The big Question???

    I am lucky and have both. As well has getting in on lots of HD network backhaul feeds. Neal
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    The big Question???

    Although I am a satellite nerd I did find that D* and E* were very disapointing in the quality of HD compared to my cable. Oh well I guess we can't have it all. Neal
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    TV Over Wireless Network?

    You may also want to look at an Axis Video Server. Neal
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    Can you top this???Man has 12 Dishes

    Well I have him beat too if you count all types of antennas. Neal
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    Anyone doing Wi-Fi installs..

    I have some install work yet to do on my D-Link in the truck. I have Linksys gear at home. Neal
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    Possible - LNB-signal to/over LAN?

    Why not just use a L-Band amplifier. Seems one could make the signal go just as far as an Ethernet signal. Neal
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    Post your backyard/Roof Antenna, Dish, Tower, C-Band, Ku-band Pictures!!

    I don't have any dishes in my yard (apartment) but I did throw a few pics from some events I have been too on a page. Neal
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    Satellite TV for Vehicles a Growing Fad

    My old boss has a TracVision antenna with DirectTV on his Hummer. He also has a sweet review mirror that has a 5" LCD built in. As I understand it he tried a phased array unit but at the slightest rain it quit working. Neal