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  1. scarebear

    New construction questions

    solid copper rg6, quad shield is not necessary but don't use cable staples or romex staples to attach it and leave plenty of extra in the basement and atleast 6-8 inches tucked into the wall/workbox behind each wall plate. also please make sure your electrician leaves some of the #6 copper...
  2. scarebear

    Oct 13-14 SWiM

    no, customer gets legacy setup on movers or upgrades
  3. scarebear

    what inline signal meter

    if you need to get a inline meter you dont need anything more than an accutrac22 mkII pro will do everything you need
  4. scarebear

    Oct 13-14 SWiM

    4x8's only work for 950-1450Mhz a 6x8 will do 250-2150 and the digital selection code for the 99 and 103
  5. scarebear

    Best place to get a tube for mounting

    make sure any pole you purchase is atleast 16 gauge, (D* recommended) it will split if it's not, ive seen it happen more than once
  6. scarebear

    Receiver constantly needs reauthorized

    like it was said before, first thing that comes to mind is it's without power for a few days and it "loses" authorization as security
  7. scarebear

    DirecTV remote and Vizio TV

    11758 should work on an RC64
  8. scarebear

    SAT INFO by zip code will tell you where they are located, also your receiver will do the same thing in the satellite setup menu
  9. scarebear

    HD Receiver / 3 Triple LNB

    err, first is there LOS, second of all...... do you have other receivers that ARE getting the locals?
  10. scarebear

    DirecTV Alignment problems

    Satellite Finder / Dish Pointing Calculator with Google Maps | will tell you how to set a Ka/Ku 5 LNB
  11. scarebear

    USA feed in Aruba

    sounds like a large investment for something that might not work
  12. scarebear

    Series Recording Question

    afaik you would have to do individual ep recording because it doesn't know the difference and records anything on that channel labled as "oprah: first run"
  13. scarebear

    SWM / Diplexer question

    you will only get an HR23 if your local warehouse/technician has that instock, we only get what D* gives us and have no control over it no matter what the CSR says
  14. scarebear

    Getting my roof replaced. What about my dishes.

    don't have the roofer put the dish back up, i go to atleast 1 service call a month were they put it back up and something is wrong, especially Ka/Ku, and if you put it on a pole make sure you have line of sight for where you will put it
  15. scarebear

    UEFA Champions League on DirecTV

    i second this
  16. scarebear

    Sun Causing Signal Fade???

    don't forget to change all of your exterior connectors, it could be heat expansion causing a short
  17. scarebear

    Nabbed by the commitment capper!

    last i saw the boxes sold at BB say on the boxes THIS IS LEASED EQUIPMENT, coudlnt tell you when they started doing that
  18. scarebear

    South HSP's

    Mastec is down there in some areas IIRC (don't ask me where!)
  19. scarebear

    AU9 with 4 outputs and Accutrac III

    No BBCs with SWM
  20. scarebear

    Splitting a line, i need the truth

    then you don't have a SWM8 you just have SWM you can split one of the lines that feeds two rooms like you explained before with that same splitter (it's rated to pass the frequencies) as long as your entire system does not have more than 8 tuners total (regular box = 1, dvr or any kind = 2) you...