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    Goodbye Charlie... (OFFICIAL I am Leaving DISH Thread)

    Comast and a Tivo Premiere is where I am headed for now. Of course I don't have a contact with cable so I have time to evaluate where to go from here.
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    Goodbye Charlie... (OFFICIAL I am Leaving DISH Thread)

    Been a loyal Dish customer for 10 years but tomorrow is my last day with them. I've finally had enough of buggy hardware and promises of new technology that take much longer than promised. But the Fox deal finally pushed me over the edge. This negotiations scenario has played out way too many...
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    622 Pause not Working Correctly

    Is anyone else having any problems with the pause function on the 622? It pauses live TV ok but then when I hit play is goes back to live tv. Pause does seem to work ok when playing back a recored program. Dish says it is a software problem. How the heck do they screw something like this up?
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    Channel 9470 Problems

    I have been having problems with channel 9470 (Rave) for about a month now. Pixelazion is off and on very bad and sometimes the screen completley freezes. When this is happening the audio is also cutting out. It's happening on both of my receivers a 942 and a new 222. I've called Dish a few...
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    DPP44 Switch (for 622) - How do I get one? Bribes, dirty pics, threats???

    Does anyone have a diagram of this? Dish just installed my 1000 but it has 3 lines that connect to a DP33 switch. Then there are three lines off the 33 into the house feeding a new 211 and a 942. I would like to use a sperator with the 942 if possible.
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    Nashville, TN HD Locals question

    The problem is they told me they are lease only. I was finally transfered to the executive office and they were able to resolve this for now.
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    Nashville, TN HD Locals question

    The first CSR I speak to has no clue!!! He says the only way to get HD locals with DISH is by connecting an off air antenna to the receiver. I'm still on the phone and asked to speak to his supervisor! 10 Minutes later....... The supervisor tells me my current recievers are...
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    Nashville, TN HD Locals question

    I'd like to know also.... I think I will call Dish. I may have to go ahead with the 622 before April.
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    It just got to be too much, cancelled Dish

    Very well said.. I may be right behind you!
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    Most Likely Leaving Dish... For now, Should I?

    I'm on the fence also.... Been a customer here 6+ years, apx $90 a month if not more. I've just about had it with the Bullsh!t and lies. And now they want $300 and 18 months and then I still don't own the receiver! And that just takes care of 1 tv. I sent a letter to
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    Dish CEO Office fails to honor verbal contract

    Where did the 18 month commitment come from? I can't believe that you have been a customer that long and still had to commit to 18 months.
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    When I called Customer service today..

    LOL... You would think a professional company would train everyone internally BEFORE you go make an announcement to the public!
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    The BIG question

    I guess I am keeping my 811 and 942 until things shake out. The additional channels aren't worth throwing away any more money to the DISH PIG right now.
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    * Note - Do Not Call For Mpeg4 UNTIL FEB 1ST*

    Your right but someone asked why a 942 owner has a right to be upset when they should have know Mpeg4 was happening.
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    * Note - Do Not Call For Mpeg4 UNTIL FEB 1ST*

    Thanks...... Now we can't follow the converstation cause the two are mixed together...
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    * Note - Do Not Call For Mpeg4 UNTIL FEB 1ST*

    Maybe you missed the chat where Charlie stated that Mpeg4 was going to be further off and that Turbo 8psk (or what ever it is) was going to be the solution for the near term. He stated that there just wasn't that much gain right now with MPEG4. If I remember correctly that was only a couple of...
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    L2.27 to spool for the 942 on 7/07

    Is it ever with Dish? It's getting to be very frustrating dealing with their POS equipment.
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    How to get Voom question

    This is exactly what I did. There is a local home shopping channel on 61.5 so I called them and told them that I couldn't see the channel. She said no problem we will come out and install a new dish free of charge.
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    942 Remote Format (*) button won't work

    Someone correct me if I am wrong but I believe that you can only change the format on SD channels and not HD.
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    PVR 942 - Really dumb question

    Why is it that every forum on the internet has some one like you. In the amount of time you could answer the question you would rather lecture them on the use of the search function. Life's too short dude... relax!