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    Who is your internet provider?

    I've had D* for 7 years and during that time, I've had AT&T's DSL for the internet. Its only 1.5MB, speedwise, and I am finding the need to speed it up (for streaming video, Netflix, eventually upgraded D* equipment, etc.). Do any of you use AT&T DSL at a higher speed? Recommended? Or...
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    Replace H20 with HR2* - Commitment?

    I've been with D* for 6+ years. I own my receivers. Lately, my wife has been asking for a DVR to replace the HD box (H20-600) we have. I am sure I know the answer to this, but I've been away from the boards for awhile, so I will ask... If I replace my owned H20-600 with a HR2* DVR...
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    Can't get a signal - dish issue?

    Hi all. This morning, we lost signal (on all 3 boxes). The picture pixelated and then broke up and went away. At first, we thought it was the rain as it was coming down pretty hard. However, it lightened up to a light rain and still no picture. I took a look at the transponder signals...
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    2008 NFL Sunday Ticket Early Bird

    I got the e-mail today regarding NFLST Early Bird pricing: "Order NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ for 5 payments of $53.80 and save $20 off the regular-season price. Offer ends 7/31." $269 (edit: It was $45.80/month/5 months = $229 last year). It went up $40. No word on how much SuperFan will be.
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    MLB EI coming to FIOS...

    For the Fios-ites out this today...take it for what its worth..
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    Tivo w/one coax?

    Hopefully this is not a dumb question...I want to get a HR21. I also have an older Tivo (RCA DVR40). I'd like to keep that as well. The problem? I have only 3 coax wires coming into the house -- 2 to the Tivo and one to an H20. At this time its not feasible to run another coax in as the...
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    Coax Run Question

    I posted this on another board as well...need some suggestions. I've got a H20-600 in my living room. My wife is asking for the HD DVR (HR20/21) to add to our recording capabilities (old Tivo RCADVR40 in the basement). I have a problem though. My dish is 35 feet behind the house on the...
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    AT9 (sidecar) vs. AU9 (Slimline)

    I've had the AT9 for nearly 2 years now. Its been a rock-solid dish. The past several weeks, D* has been calling me and leaving messages about how I "need a new dish". I've called them and told then I have the 5LNB/AT9 and the (clueless) phone op's still keep calling me back. With that...
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    D* Remote code for Sony Bravia

    Hi all. I just picked up a 46" Sony Bravia (KDL-S2010). I am trying to program the H20 remote (white one, I have it in RF mode) to control the TV. In the setup it lists two codes for Sony (10000 and another one). I tried both, but neither is working as far as controlling the TV. Any clue...
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    H20 Interactivity...When???

    From the beating the dead horse department... Does anyone know if D* will EVER update the H20s so they will be interactive? If any of the gang at CES reads this, ask the D* folks. Anyone else know?
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    This opens the door for FiOS in Michigan
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    Michigan opens up the door for new cable co's

    Intersting article. The State of Michigan has passed legislation that will allow new cable companies to come into cities. It eliminates the currrent "franchise" agreement that cable co's have with cities.
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    NASCAR HotPass on D*

    NASCAR HotPass...Multiple cameras on 5 different drivers starting with next year's NASCAR season kicking off with Daytona. Sounds like the cable co's "NASCAR In-Car" is gone and D* is launching this. $99 for the season. Sounds interesting for the race fans out there...
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    How's the AT9/Slimline holding up in snow?

    With the big snow rolling through Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois and northern Michigan, it'll be testing the AT9s (and new Slimline's out). So, any of you out is the 5LNB dishes doing in the snow? My old Phase III was a snow-catcher. I put up the AT9 in May, so I await the "Snow...
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    No OTA on H20

    I've had my H20 for almost a year now. I've use a DB2 antenna with no problem. As of today, I am getting nothing via OTA (I got every available station before). The antenna is connected fine, coax-wise, so no problems there. I rescanned in all the stations, and still nothing. Zero signal on...
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    Multiswitch needed? (how many lines off the AT9)

    I am thinking of getting the HR20 when the OTA is activated. I currently have an H20. I have 3 lines running into the house from the dish. 2 go to the SD Tivo in the basement and one goes to the H20. I have a fourth line run into a D10 in the garage. If I get the HR20, I'll need another...
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    OTA Tuners (H20) ever go bad?

    I have the H20/AT9 combo and get my locals (the big four anyway) in HD via the dish. However, PBS, WB, UPN and the multicasted stuff I get with my DB2 antenna. Its been no problem at all. Starting yesterday, I am getting none of the OTA stations. My connections are fine and I've rescanned...
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    Cable really wants the satellite customers...

    Comcast has really been promoting their "Ditch the Dish" deal. $25 off the bill for 16 months, etc., etc...I didn't bit, but then I got a letter this past weekend offering Digital Cable, Digital Phone and Cable Modem/Internet for $79 a month for 12 months for all three services. Of course...
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    Which RSN's offer HD games?

    Of course, we all know that the Regional Sports Networks on D* aren't in HD (hopefully next year, eh?), however, I have noticed that NESN (Boston area) and YES and SNY (NY) offer HD broadcasts of games. Anybody know off hand, how many of the RSN's offer baseball, hockey (or any HD programming...
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    Big Ten Network on D*

    Sounds like the Big Ten Conference is looking into setting up a Regional Sports Network for Big Ten sports to be carried by D*. (bottom of the article)