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  1. jtn

    Satellite TV operator DISH freezes pricing to 2009

    Satellite TV operator DISH freezes pricing to 2009 | Industries | Technology, Media & Telecommunications | Reuters "By Yinka Adegoke NEW YORK (Reuters) - EchoStar Communications Corp (DISH.O: Quote, Profile, Research) said on Monday it will freeze the prices of its most popular satellite...
  2. jtn

    CE will translate to a national release.

    Eventually all customers will get a national release of the CE or cutting edge, and many try to take credit for this (i.e other websites and dominant people). So if you are patient you will get it if you are worried about some of those who claim downloading them (CE) will turn your receiver...
  3. jtn

    Coupons to Help Buy Digital Converters

    News Home - News Search "Dec 31, 4:11 PM (ET) By JOHN DUNBAR WASHINGTON (AP) - Millions of $40 government coupons become available Tuesday to help low-tech television owners buy special converter boxes for older TVs that might not work after the switch to digital broadcasting...
  4. jtn

    Netscape browser comes to an end per AOL

    AOL deep-sixes Netscape browser | Underexposed - CNET " December 28, 2007 11:24 AM PST AOL deep-sixes Netscape browser Posted by Stephen Shankland The...
  5. jtn

    Split from CE Thread

    0x01E4 coming tomorrow? Maybe Friday and Saturday. Doug Brotts site was accurate last weekend on 0x01E2 (Which was an internal test marked in Red on his site). I would post his site but it is blocked by SatelliteGuys.US.
  6. jtn

    What Vermont customers are getting Boston HD Locals?

    Which of you in Vermont are getting HD locals from Boston? And what zip, I'm getting the run around from DirecTV denying they are providing Vermont with HD from Boston market.
  7. jtn

    DirecTV adds HD OnDemand

    DIRECTV Adds HD Movie to On Demand "DIRECTV Adds HD Movie to On Demand The service allows subscribers to order films over high-speed Internet lines.By Swanni...
  8. jtn

    AT&T to Stop Selling DirecTV in 2008

    AT&T to Stop Selling DirecTV in 2008 - Seeking Alpha "AT&T to Stop Selling DirecTV in 2008 by Eric Savitz "By David Savitz Weird. In the satellite television sector one big pending piece of news has been what AT&T (T) was going to do about the fact that it has been reselling service from both...
  9. jtn

    CE Facts

    Cutting Edge is for anyone who wishes to have an early internal tested release of firmware for a specific receiver. It really is no different than a national release other than giving you new options that are released early. Some websites try to take credit for this and are control freaks...
  10. jtn

    Things to consider

    Don't let others scare you into thinking your stupid and need their approval to download a CE update for your receiver. They are playing you like a fiddle. I would hope that enough of you have the sense to know that the only authorized site for chat is that of, not DBStalk or any...
  11. jtn

    In 2008 DirecTV to add PBS HD. - DIRECTV to Carry Public Television Stations in HD "News from Business Wire DIRECTV to Carry Public Television Stations in HD 14:08 EST Wednesday, December 19, 2007 EL SEGUNDO, Calif. (Business Wire) -- Public Television...
  12. jtn

    "DirecTV Buys DVR Software Maker ReplayTV"

    DirecTV Buys DVR Software Maker ReplayTV - "By MAY WONG The Associated Press Saturday, December 15, 2007; 3:04 AM SAN JOSE, Calif. -- In the latest twist in the ever-shifting digital video recording industry, the nation's leading satellite broadcaster DirecTV has...
  13. jtn

    0x1E? tonight or tomorrow for HR20?

    Maybe we don't need other sites to let us know.:D
  14. jtn

    Cutting Edge is not for Earl, Stuart, or DBStalk...

    Let's not be chicken over them and kiss you know what. They are disrespecting us. If you are not getting good service, don't call DBStalk, call DirecTV. A select few moderators get their payday, and use us as guinea pigs. Screw CE. Screw moderators pay checks, and how they treat us. :mad:
  15. jtn

    Why do we care about DirecTV and the shareholders who don't care about us?

    Bottom line is this, if Comcast and other cable companies can provide cable tv and equipment for a mere leasing fee of $3.99 per month without any cost to the customer, then DirecTV can too. They (DirecTV) are not working hard enough to make it happen. Why should anybody shell out $500-$800 to...
  16. jtn

    NDS signs agreement to extend partnership with DIRECTV through June 2013

    NDS signs agreement to extend partnership with DIRECTV through June 2013 - News - "NEW YORK (Thomson Financial) - NDS Wednesday signed an agreement with DirecTV Group Inc. to extend their partnership through June 2013. Under the extended contract, NDS will continue to provide...
  17. jtn

    Local DirecTV contractor to lay off employees

    Local DirecTV contractor to lay off employees - Business First of Columbus: "A local contractor for DirecTV Group Inc. is laying off as many as 50 employees after the satellite provider unexpectedly reduced its work order. JBM Inc., which does business in Columbus as Bluegrass Satellite...
  18. jtn

    Should roll out of HD locals go in numerical order by DMA?

    For instance my DMA is 109, I have noticed that other markets like Alaska in the 200 range have gotten their HD locals before my market. Should it be in numerical order? I think it should. DIRECTV Local Channels Alphabetically by State and City
  19. jtn

    NFLST or other sports programming.

    I would not mind if NFLST was not exclusive to DirecTV, most of my locals have the programming, football etc... with premier.
  20. jtn

    DirecTV wont bid on spectrum auction article

    DirecTV Won't Bid In FCC Spectrum Auction "DirecTV Won't Bid In FCC Spectrum Auction December 04, 2007: 12:05 PM EST WASHINGTON -(Dow Jones)- Satellite television company DirecTV Group Inc. (DTV) won't participate in the upcoming Federal Communications Commission...