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    How is everyone doing today? I've installed both fixed and motorized FTA systems using the FTA receiver meter,and a portable tv next to the dish. Do you guys think its quicker to find satellite signals using a Sat HERO SH200 ?
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    Can someone please give me an active TP frequency for some C-band satellites

    How is everyone today? Since satellite tp frequencies come and go. Can someone please give me an active Tp for: 137W AMC-7C 139W AMC-8C 135W AMC-10C 105W AMC-18C 121W G23C ,and 72W AMC 6C. Thanks ahead of time. I'm trying to locate this C-band satellites.
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    How is everyone doing today? The Azboxes blind scan super slow as you all know. Azbox corporation based in portugal need to know that. whenever you guys have time go to www.AZBOX.COM go under the heading marked support. You'll need the serial number of the Azbox that your using, which is...
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    How is Everyone doing today? My latitude is 26.4N, Longitude 81.4W .I used the Declination Angle Chart at www.Geo while pointing at Zenith Angle (true south) the elevation was set to 26, Declination set 30. I then adjusted elevation to locate true south satellite. I located my true...
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    Trying to lock on AMC3 87.OW

    Greetings everyone, My C-band satellite dish was aimed at G16 99C for a long time. Now I bought a Powermax v-box & actuator to motorize the system. My latitude is 26.4N, and Longitude is 81.4w. I'm using the Modified Polar Mount chart on ,and Fat Air: How to for a polar mount...
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    changing from 9.5020 to 9.5305

    How is everyone doing today? I have an Azbox ultra which came with the Fw 9.5020. Alot of people have said that the 9.5020 is the most stabile of the Firmware. These receivers are expensive ,and I don't want to mess things up by uploading a FW that fixes one thing and causes another problem. Do...
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    Basic Question for AZ ULtra & Premium Plus users

    Greetings everyone, I noticed It takes a long time to blindscan on the New Az ultra I bought .Does it take the same amount of time with the premium plus? When I hook up an R/G 6U cable in the loop out connection on the back of the ultra I get no Image. I have to use the Audio Video output...
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    Centering a scalar ring and Skew setting

    Greetings everyone, I'm Trying to get ideas on how to properly center a scalar ring and set skew on my 6 foot dish. My lattitude is 26.4N,Longitude 81.4w. I'm still struggling to lock on to 99.0W Galaxy 16, on a non motorized 6 foot dish.Galaxy 99w from my location requires elevation...
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    Trying to set a 6 Foot dish at 99c

    How is everyone doing today. I have a 6 foot dish I got for free. I'm trying to lock on 99.0w Galaxy4R/c. My latitude is 26.4N,Longitude 81.4 The 6 Foot dish won't be motorized for now. I used the Latitude/ Declinatin chart form www.Geo the second page that shows the modified polar...
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    How is everyone doing today? I've installed a motorized ku band dish before,but I've never installed a Motorized C Band. I'm interested to know how hard is it to motorize a 6 foot dish.
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    Does anyone own a HD SatHawk PVR8000

    How is everyone doing today? Sadoun have a FTA receiver that does DVB & DVB-S2 called the SatHawk. Has anyone bought one yet? I'm curies about the blind scan on that receiver, because nobody has done a equipment review on the Sathawk.
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    trying to track the satellite arc using 1.2 meter primestar dish

    I want to think everyone ahead of time for taking there time to help me. I got a free 1.2 meter primestar dish. I got a DG 380 motor on it and wanted to use it as a mini bud. The first thing I did was to put a ku lnb on it and aim at true south. My latitude is 26.4, Longitude 81.4. I selected...
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    Questions about 1.2m Prime focus dish

    How is everyone doing today ? Someone gave me a 1.2 meter prime focus dish. I plan to use it as a Mini bud Do you guys think I should use the cone shaped conical scalar ring, or the Flat conical scalar ring for best performance. I already have a dual C band LNB, and a DG 380 motor for it...
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    I am interested in mounting a C BAND LNB next to a ku band LNB. I called Sadoun satellite sales to see if I could get an LNB holder that would hold a ku band LNB on the center and a C band LNB on the side. They told me that they don't sell an LNB holder that would hold both. My questiong to you...
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    Info for anyone using a standard FTA Receiver

    How is everyone doing today? Anyone who is using a Standard FTA Receiver,and want to buy a AC-3 Decoder. You can get one new for $14.95 plus shipping from WeirdStuff - Resellers of surplus computer hardware and software. Buyers of excess inventories.. I just wanted to mention that, cause I know...
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    C band Lnb & Scalar ring question

    How is everyone doing today? I'm new to C band discussion, but I've installed a motorized ku dish. my question is, does someone necessarily need a scalar ring on a C band Lnb, to get good quality and when adjusting Lnb skew, does the Lnb have to be as far back from the holder as possible or...
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    missing some channels on G18 123.W

    How is everyone doing today? I seem to be missing some channel on G18 123.0w The channels that I'm missing are WMQF,WNGS,KARZ,MGMU, and KWWF. I'm using a Coolsat 6000 and getting a quality of 89%, but I'm still not abile to view those channels. Is anyone else experiencing the same thing?
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    Questions about Primestar dishes

    How is everyone doing today? I'm setting up a Primestar dish for a friend. What switch do you guys recommend to combine the V and L Ports ,so that he can view both on one satellite. Later on, he wants to add a motor to the primestar dish. What motor fixs exactly in the primestar dish.The...
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    Questions about Primestar dishes

    How is everyone doing today? Guys, I'm hooking up a primestar dish for a friend of mine. The latitude is 26.2N, and longitude is 81.2W. I'm trying to get it on Galaxy 19 97W. Once I get the primestar aligned to Galaxy 19, what switch do you guys recommend to view the Horizontal and Vertical...
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    switching out recievers

    How is everyone doing today? I have a question about satellite motor control. I'm using a Fortec M-2 to track some of the ku-satellites,and USAL If I switch out the M-2 to another brand of Fta receiver will that other brand automatically start tracking the satellites that I was tracking already...