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  1. Rey

    NFL 2016-17 Season

    Football is back baby! Feel free to discuss anything and all that is related to your team and the sport in general. Enjoy it while it lasts as the season always flies by fast!
  2. Rey

    COMCAST Reports 2ND Quarter 2016 Results

  3. Rey

    NFL 2015-16 Season

    A REAL sport is about to begin. HAVE AT IT!!!
  4. Rey

    NFL 2015 OFF Season Thread

    Well unfortunately the season has officially ended, but a BIG congratulations to our patriots fans here at satguys. For the rest of us, we can only hope our teams improve over the off season.
  5. Rey

    Power Supply

    I'm hoping someone here knows about power supplies. I purchased this specifically because on the label it shows that one of the voltages it can produce is -5v. I grounded the green ps-on wire so the supply can power up. Checked every pin and I am not getting a -5 volt reading on any of them...
  6. Rey

    Looking for a New Blu-ray player

    With my new Sammy LED I was hoping to upgrade my BD player from 2010. It's also a sammy but I am open on hearing feedback with other brands. I'm not looking to spend oppo kind of money. Max in the $300 range and would like it to be 3D capable. There are a few that have caught my eye out there...
  7. Rey

    Broken image links on websites

    Been having this issue on a few sites where I'm seeing a lot of broken image links.This is happening with all my browsers on my Desktop at home, nowhere else. I've messed with Java and double checked other plugins,checked the host file,cleared all content on browsers,checked for spyware and...
  8. Rey

    Google Chrome issues

    Anyone else having issues with satguys and Chrome on a desktop? I can not figure out why all of a sudden chrome doesn't find the site and times out immediately. Every other site works fine and every other browser works fine with satguys. I began having this issue after the last Chrome update and...
  9. Rey

    NFL 2013 Season

    Oh yeah baby!!!!! It's coming my friends. Enjoy every minute of it!!!
  10. Rey

    Nice rom for you rooted S3 users

    Here's a great Rom I've been on for awhile now for the Galaxy S3 from sprint. The developers have more roms for the other carriers. This one specifically has a ton of customizations and is regularly updated by the dev. The rom is called Goodness and it's loaded...
  11. Rey

    NFL to Install Cameras in Locker Rooms for Stadium Viewing

    NFL to Install Cameras in Locker Rooms for Stadium Viewing In its quest to keep fans in the stands, and give them a reason not to view games in high definition in their livings rooms, the N.F.L. will put cameras into all home team locker rooms next season. Then they will encourage the teams...
  12. Rey

    Rutgers coach Mike Rice abusing players

    Rutgers coach Mike Rice abusing players Question is why wasn't this guy fired? What would you fathers do if your son was on the receiving side of this behavior?
  13. Rey

    NFL DRAFT 2013

    The 2013 NFL Draft first round will take place Thurs., April 25 at 8 p.m. ET, followed by the second and third rounds on Fri., April 26 at 6:30 p.m. ET. Rounds 4-7 will be held Saturday, April 27 at 12 p.m. ET. Feel free to discuss whatever YOU think your team needs to do in this years NFL...
  14. Rey

    NBA 2013 Playoffs

    almost there baby :D
  15. Rey

    DirecTv Continues to add more HD channels

    DirecTv Continues to add more HD channels This morning DirecTv added HLN HD, Cooking HD, H2 HD, Encore Action HD and IFC HD. For more information please click here
  16. Rey

    NHL 2013 Season

    Congratulations hockey fans!!! Here is your long awaited thread. enjoy!
  17. Rey

    NFL 2013 Off-season discussion thread

    Here we go. those of us with losing teams can only hope for some good moves by our teams :o:p
  18. Rey

    you'll never need a cup again
  19. Rey

    European Catfish Hunting, Eating Feathered Prey

    European Catfish have developed a taste for pigeon. The 1.5 meter long fish,the largest in the continent,lunge out of the water to grab the feathery feast.
  20. Rey

    NBA 2012-13 Season

    Wow that was quick.