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    Stuttering and pixelation on CBS Alabama - Auburn game

    Is anyone else seeing problems on CBS signal with the SEC game? My CBS local is Colorado Springs. It started about 30 minutes ago. I have not seen it on any other channel so far.
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    Pixelation and loss of signal on ESPN and other channels

    About an hour ago I began to notice pixelation and dropouts on all the ESPN channels and several others. The local (Colorado Springs) channels are fine. I checked my satellite signal meter and they all seem normal. I checked the DirecTV technical forum and a number of people from all over the US...
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    I want to swap a 4k Mini Genie for a Wireless Mini - DTV says no

    I switched back to DirecTV last summer. I had a 4K system installed but I have been extremely disappointed with 4K for several reasons. First is the lack of programming in 4K. It's pretty much a joke. Second, 4K is only available on the Mini Genie and not the main box. Third the 4K Mini is only...
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    Moving a Genie to a cabin

    I searched but only found discussions on moving older receivers. We moved from Kentucky to Colorado last year. I was a long time DirecTV customer but decided to try Century Link with Prism TV. After 8 months I found I could get DirecTV through Century Link at a lower price that Prism. I...
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    If I add an AM21 for OTA channels to an HR24 will it distribute the channels to an H24?

    I know the new Genie will do this but can the HR24 do the same thing for other non-DVR HD receivers?
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    Charleston - Huntington WV HD locals on 129?

    Does anyone know if there are plans to add the Charleston - Huntington WV local HD channels to 129W once the new Ciel 2 satellite is in position? They are already on EA as of a month or so ago.
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    Can a Dish 1000.2 system be re-aimed for eastern arc?

    I presently have a Dish 1000.2 and a 722 receiver. My local area is Charleston, WV. If I want to receive the HD locals on 77W can my Dish 1000.2 system be pointed to the eastern arc satellites or will I need a second Dish? I am not keen on having another antenna mounted. I think I have good...
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    Smart card mailing schedule

    Does anyone know the the schedule for mailing the new smart cards? I have a 722 and a 322 and I have not received mine. Are they in a regular envelope that doesn't look like a mass mailing? My wife tends to filter junk mail. I am thinking about having Dish install the wing dish to receive the...
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    I think the switch to MPEG4 has markedly improved picture quality

    This is a completely subjective opinion on my part but I think the PQ of HD channels like ESPN and others is the best I have seen since switching from TW to Dish Network last February. I also have HD OTA channels for comparison and I think the PQ on Dish is at least as good or better. I am...
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    Interesting experience with OTA and Preamplifier

    I have an attic antenna to receive HD locals on my 722. Things were fine when I got Dish earlier this winter but as the trees came out I began to have problems with dropouts on a couple of the weaker stations. A couple were in the low 60s signal strength. I decided to try a preamp. I bought a...
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    Are these signal strength readings good or bad for Dish 1000?

    I recently started losing signal even during fair weather so I tried my hand at pointing the dish. My setup is a Dish 1000 with triple LNB, 722 and 322 receivers. I am located in zip code 41101 and I have an unobstructed view. It was able to raise the level on 129 from 30 to 53. Here are my...
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    Why would Dish turn off the HD feed in the middle of a baseball game?

    I was watching the Reds - Nationals game today on Fox Sports CN - 427 HD. In the 4th inning the HD feed shut down and went back to the infamous "check back later" screen with the Musak audio. I think the game was rain delayed. Dish must only enable the HD feed when the guide shows the game is...
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    Where can I "move" from Charleston WV and get HD locals

    I would lay even money that Charleston - Huntington, WV will be the last market in the USA to get HD locals on Dish. Where could I move to get locals? My guess would be Cincinnati, Lexington, or Columbus.
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    New to Dish - NBA Blackout Rules

    I switched to Dish Network from Time Warner cable a few weeks ago. I am loving all the new HD channels and the greatly superior DVR. I used to receive the Cleveland Cavs games on FSOH on TW. They are blacked out on Dish here in NE Kentucky. I have the 200 channel package and receive Fox Sports...