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    Proper way to shutdown HR54-500 Genie

    Relocating our HR54-500 to a different room. Is there a proper way to do a shutdown instead of just pulling the power cord?
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    Can you ask for upgrade to Reverse Band LNB & C61K Mini Client even if you don't have a 4K TV yet?

    I have an HR54-500 with a couple of HR24-500s. The dish is an SL5 with a SWiM multi-switch. Can I ask for an upgrade (to the above) so my system is ready when I purchase one on Black Friday?
  3. J

    International Channels future?

    Been a while since I last was here, tried to search for the thread about a Reverse Band LNB incorporating 4K & the International Channels. Has there been any progress? And is all I need a C61 client along with my HR 54 to view current 4K programming? Thanks in advance! Sent from my iPhone...
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    How to deactivate a receiver?

    One of our TV's gave up the ghost over Christmas. It'll be a while before I replace it. What is the procedure for deactivating the HR23-700 that's with that TV? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Any update on the 5-LNB version of the 3-LNB Reverse Band (3D2LNBR0-02) for 4K reception?

    I need this since I am an International channel subscriber. Or is Directv planning on moving all International channels to their 101° Satellite? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Do I need Internet for 4K RVU Ready TV?

    Hello again, Currently looking at getting a 65" or larger 4K RVU Ready TV. Don't have internet as I use my company mobile phone's data for that part. Do I need to get internet for the 4K RVU TV to get networked with my HR54 Genie? If NO, can someone explain how the network connection is...
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    Will HR22-100 work with an old 101°-110° Dish?

    Gonna be spending the weekend up at a friend's cabin who says he's got an old DirecTV dish with 2 lnb's. Would an HR22-100 work with just the cable coming from the 101° lnb connected to the Sat 1 input? Wanted to watch the Oscars this weekend! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    4K TV RVU-Client or C61K Client?

    Thinking of buying a 65" 4K TV and wondering about the 2 scenarios above. Done some reading but one thing unclear. If I go the 4K TV RVU-Client route, do I need an Internet connection? Don't have one right now :( This is the Sony setup I'm referring to. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    HR54 Genie doesn't buffer previous channel?

    When we had our HR22-100 it would also buffer the previous channel we watched if we went back to it. I may be just not in tune with new equipment, but seeing it has 5 tuners (+2 for future) shouldn't it have more buffering capability without hitting the RECORD button? Any thoughts or advice...
  10. J

    Lag on Software 0xac8 on HR54-500

    Just noticed 2 nights ago and again tonight that calling up the guide and cycling through it caused a 5-10 second lag. Last time I rebooted, it went away. Today I will leave it when I go to bed and see if it still happens tomorrow. Has anyone been experiencing this issue with their HR54-500...
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    Changing setup on RC73 remote to only control HR54-500 Genie?

    Happy to report my HR54 is activated & working great! RC73 remote is very responsive; I have it set to RF. Only problem is that our HR22 is still hooked-up because the wife wants to watch recordings she had programmed earlier. Any commands sent by the RC73 controls both the HR22 & HR54. How...
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    Installing an HR54 help

    It's been so long since I've altered my system. Does the access card need to be inserted into the HR54 before I do the set up or do I just insert it when the receiver prompts me to insert the card just before calling for activation? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Can I connect my HR22 directly to SWM2 ?

    The SWM1/PWR side on my SWM8 switch is max'd out with 8 tuners. I know a green splitter would be ideal, but can I connect my HR22 directly to SWM2 port? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Can I install & activate my own HR44?

    Just found out that the best deal CSR could give was $17 off my existing monthly bill through various 6month promos and that the lowest I could get a Genie for would be $249 as my son had added an H25 in our Den a few months ago, which the CSR said was the reason why I couldn't get the Genie for...