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    Discord Server

    looks like more useless junk.
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    NFL Sunday Ticket total games 2019

    Free is the best price.
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    Just said Goodbye.

    Be sure you but a lot of Kleenex.
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    Channel Updates

    All junk channals
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    Screensaver - did a search first

    Yes we got the new software and the new screensaver photos yesterday morning. It looks a whole lot better.
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    Caller ID?

    One you turn it off you are screwed it can not be turned back on. Dumb ATT/Directv feature.
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    New Guide UI now rolling out (plus HDR support!)

    Soon being some time in 2020 if we are lucky.
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    Is my DirecTV HR44-700 receiver going bad?

    Nothing is smooth sailing with ATT/DIRECTV any more the whole HR44 sucks software sucks.
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    New Guide UI now rolling out (plus HDR support!)

    Just got the new software on our HR44 and it sucks. It is the worst thing I have ever seen. The font is way to small and all the other junk added to the screen is garbage.
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    Help Selecting TV Provider

    If you do decide to go to a different provider make sure you fill all of your closets with Kleenex because you surly will need it.
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    Cancelled Service ... Want My Satellite Dish (Free)

    You may want to keep it, because when you run out of Kleenex for the poor new tv service you are now getting, you may want to use it again.
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    So we're switching back from Dish to DirecTV after 4 years...

    Be sure you buy a lot of Kleenex. You will need it after you switch.
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    Directv receivers keep resetting.

    Try plugging the HR-24 straight in to the wall, bypass the surge protector.
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    I would rather...

    They suck. a big pain in the ass.
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    What HR DVR will work with the Genie?

    Yes it will work. We have two HR-24's and one Genie and they all work great, they share all recordings so we have a total of 9 turners.
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    Let my contract expire for better deals?

    But don't cry when the prices go up do to all the discounts everyone is trying to get.
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    How do you disable this message?

    Make a list of all the channels that you receive the message form and then never go to one of them gain and you will not have anything to cry about.
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    Watch in 2 rooms

    Try it and then you can answer your own question.
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    DISCOVERED One Button Shortcut to the Recordings list !!!

    "DISCOVERED One Button Shortcut to the Recordings list !!! " That is what the List button is for.
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    Please new channels

    There is a weather channel on 362.