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  1. N5XZS

    Why Charge! TV network's video little jumpy?

    Watching CHiPS TV show, I noted the video was little jumping up and down. Not sure If is it from our local station KASA-DT on rf ch. 27 remapped to fake channel 33.1 or coming off the satellite feed? Do you have similar problems in other TV markets? :rolleyes: Thanks!:hatsoff
  2. N5XZS

    KTFA-LP still alive with test card in ABQ, NM

    This station KTFA-LP still transmitting on old ch 48 TV band in post transition sending in old analog NTSC signal!:eeek The signal is very weak about, P1 to 2 pictures quality. Someone's forgot to shut the transmitter down. This simi rouge station has been sending test card for gosh who...
  3. N5XZS

    Edision OS Mio 4K TNAP Ver. 2

    I am on kernel 4.20.0 on my mio 4k, so is safe to upgrade to TNAP V.2?:) If so I can't wait to see the new software release!:hungry
  4. N5XZS

    KASY-DT is running on STA at 41 KW ERP

    Just found out that our local station KASY-DT has filed to FCC yesterday for STA. To run low power at 41KW ERP. Must some kind of tech, issue problems.:rolleyes:
  5. N5XZS

    Pluto to add local 24/7 CBS local news from WCBS-DT and KCBS-DT

    Starting tomorrow and not only that they will add more CBS's programmings in the future!:) Let's hopes they show Star Trek Discovery on Pluto free services package sooner the better.:hungry
  6. N5XZS

    Do you remembered that day the Berlin wall can down on C and Ku back in 1989?

    Didn't realize 30 years passed by river of time.:) And I am wondering how many of you picked up the raw feeds that Nov, 8 or 9th, at that time. For me just using my dad's 10 footer C band dish with the Motor going far east as 72W*. And of course we didn't have PAL or SECAM video converter to...
  7. N5XZS

    New modulation scheme called NS3 and NS4?

    Is this a new next step up from DVB-S2X?:) The new modulation scheme called NS3 and NS4 starting to crop up here in NA. Some guys in other forums found it on C band G-16 bird I think what I remembered. Too early to upgrade the receiver or buy a new receiver don't you think?:facepalm
  8. N5XZS

    I noted that wallmart's now selling FTA satellite receiver!

    Surprised to see Wallmart's website selling FTA satellite receivers, brand called FreeSat. Is FTA getting into major market, thanks to massive cord cutters out there?:)
  9. N5XZS

    I think I lost my low Ku band

    Something wrong with my lnbf or my Edison receiver setting may have mess thing up while DXing 117W* bird.:( The freq, range is missing from 10.7 to 11.7 GHz.:rolleyes:
  10. N5XZS

    KASY-DT is off the air in Albuquerque's market

    KASY-DT, is off the due some kind of transmitter problems. ETA going back on air is unknown at this time.:rolleyes: This station is a My Network affiliate. :)
  11. N5XZS

    Ever heard called Stirr apps?

    This app, bring in some out of town US stations. The video quality looks very good on smart phones. :) Nice to have CC!:bow Drawback is blacking out out of town local ads.:rolleyes: Can't stand out of town censorship by blocking out of town local ads. :rolleyes:
  12. N5XZS

    Found the neat apps called TVM* that's carry live British TV stations!

    Found the free apps for android phone called TVM*. They stream live local and national British TV stations. The Catch is you only get one hour of live video and the neat thing is you can change channels in real time just like you are in UK!:) Getting BBC 1, 2,3 and 4 not only that I get...
  13. N5XZS

    KLUZ-DT still fall asleep on adding DABL TV Network

    As usual like in the past like adding Quest TV and the history is repeating again for DABL TV Network in Albuquerque's TV market.:rolleyes: Why Entranvision is being so lazy to add new sub channel? While others TV markets get it on time!? Is the culture thing in TV engineering world in...
  14. N5XZS

    The Weather Nation has moved from KYNM-CD to KNMQ-LD

    Since they moved to KNMQ-LD on rf ch. 20.2 not sending in HD just 480i WS.:) Just wish they go to HD mode for WN!:hungry
  15. N5XZS

    Could had we used the old analog HD formats like 819i and 875i lines?

    Just wondering what if we had to use the outdated old analog HD video formats like 819i 50Hz "French used for almost 20 years" and 875I 60Hz " Never used for TV broadcast in USA"?:biggrin Just for fun kicks to go around in fictional history if those video were still used to this day!:clapping
  16. N5XZS

    Special event station on rf ch 18 for balloon festival in first week of October

    I was shocked while browsing the FCC's database. The FCC has approved the temporary special event station to go on the air in Balloon Festival Park!:biggrin The catch is very low power station running only 100 watts ERP. May have to get very high gain antenna to pull the very weak...
  17. N5XZS

    Better than HEVC codices?

    There a new codices called VVC "Versatile Video Coding" better than HEVC by 40%!:clapping Might move up to 8K video 4360p 120 Fps in the future. Too early think about this new codices systems? Let me know what you think of it? Just Google it on VVC.:biggrin
  18. N5XZS

    What are the future channels slots for ATSC 3.0 in Albuquerque's TV market?

    Aside from VHF-low rf ch. 2-6, is there room for rf ch. 9, 11 and 12. I guess there will be some knock offs on the LD stations in the UHF band to make room for full power ATSC 3.0 stations?:) Going to sorta like pool table who's going win or lose this channel slots.:clapping
  19. N5XZS

    Any luck on Closed Captioning software for 4K mio?

    Been googling for some river of time for free share CC software download for 4K Mio. Any luck on this CC systems?:rolleyes:
  20. N5XZS

    Knapsack been posted on website about FTA Ku underground

    A very good story how they get around the Iran's censorship.:( On Too many crazy stuff going in this day and age.:coco