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  1. hancox

    "March Madness" 4K (though i doubt it)

    Watch Your Favorite Sports and Movies in 4K | Sponsored by AT&T I'm guessing this will be some Big12 / PAC12 tourney games, and maybe some NIT, but it anyone hearing anything?
  2. hancox

    Where is the 2017 4K sports content?

    I'm wondering if something is up - there is a noted lack of 4k content in the upcoming page: Upcoming Events in 4K ...where is the content they had last year? 1) No premier league games scheduled? (these start this weekend!) 2) Notre Dame football? 3) FOX college stuff?
  3. hancox

    Anyone "moved" successfully, post-merger?

    Just wondering, for a friend. :)
  4. hancox

    Wow - software download hit my HR44 like a ton of bricks this morning...

    1) Blew away HD channels - needed to rerun Sat setup 2) Blew away OTA AM21 stuff - same for antenna 3) WHAT NUMBSKULL DOES A NATIONAL ROLLOUT IN A BLIZZARD???????? Morons. D* is making me lose confidence daily.
  5. hancox

    My AM21 might be giving up ghost :(

    Really strange AM21 issue being seen with my HR44. Everyone once in a while, I'll get searching for signal errors. Mind you, these are channels that normally get 100% on the meters. A re-initialization of the OTA channels fixes most of the time. I'll compare it against my TV tuner the next...
  6. hancox

    Stupid John Calipari has rabbit ears, thinks he's a "magician" 1) Perhaps if you successfully coached your McD's AA-laden squad to actually play team basketball, or hit a freethrow every once in a while, you might beat UConn...
  7. hancox

    Interesting - AVS goes back to VBulletin!

    off-topic, but timely!
  8. hancox

    Pixelated Avatars?

    What happened - most of the avatars I see now look like crap - guessing a conversion issue?
  9. hancox

    Slimine - my dish aiming works, but check out the elevation!!

    I'm supposed to be at 34.5 elevation at my address. With that known, how does this work?
  10. hancox

    Ralph Kiner dead at 91 :(

    Hall of fame player. Met broadcaster since inception. Must be one hell of a Kiner's Corner going on at present.
  11. hancox

    Charter Spectrum - Charter finally to look competitive? Should be interesting...
  12. hancox

    DirecTV removes OTA scanning from Genies? WTF!

    Amazing. The latest genie software removes scanning, and implements D*'s inferior "solution" Ridiculous - Anyone who uses this should be livid!
  13. hancox

    Contemplating a WHDVR "upgrade"

    So - I've long had diplexed OTA on my SWM system. I have CAT5 to 2 of my 3 receivers, and a double RG6 run to at least one, if not 2, of my receivers. I've been thinking of going to a DECA cloud for a while now. Somewhat because I would like to go to whole home DVR again (yes, I've been a...
  14. hancox

    Picture attachments not working on the iphone app

    Happened to notice in cough "that thread" in the backroom :)
  15. hancox

    NCAA Football 2012-13 season

    After a fairly eventful offseason (conference realignment, Penn St, etc) - the games finally start today. BRING IT ON! :D
  16. hancox

    DirecTV's annoying stance on replacements for HDMI issues...

    Seen references to this from time to time, needs its own thread... CSR's have been instructed to NOT replace receivers with HDMI issues only. There is very clearly a script in play to suggest a component-only connection. Clearly, for the technically-minded here, you can see this is WRONG...
  17. hancox

    Auto gadgetry crossroads - HELP! :)

    So - at a bit of a crossroads, in terms of auto gadgetry. Need some help. A month ago, I had: a 16GB Zune, hooked up into a headphone-jack only AUX in a crappy built-in GPS in my car, with sirius built-in (active sub almost through last contract date) a Garmin streetpilot with both MSN...
  18. hancox

    Free Nexus S from Best Buy - today only!

    Best Buy dishing out free Nexus S for one day only, ball and chain included -- Engadget Very tempting.
  19. hancox

    Need a new remote? Check out woot today!

    Woot® : One Day, One Deal The Acoustic Research ARRX18G is DirecTV HR-series RF friendly, and can use that same RF to control your other devices as an add-on. At $40 shipped, this is a steal!
  20. hancox

    HR34 (Home Media Center DVR) manual in the wild! Nice views of PIP working.