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    Install SWM dish with anntena

    Are you able to diplex an OTA over the sat feed between the dish, and the swim? Put up an antenna for FM, and would like to get it into the house without running a separate coax.
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    Dish to Direct questions

    I too have just recently switched from E* to D*, and can say the speed isn't quite there in the D* equipment. However I will say after about a week it has sped up considerably. My HD receivers (not sure the model numbers) have the new HD UI, and it's nice. My HR34 is still on the older UI (I...
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    Still waiting and waiting and waiting for the HD GUI...

    I too wish they would hurry up on the new UI. I had a HR34 with two HD receivers installed last weekend, and while I haven,t gotten too much time to play with it yet I do like what I have been able to mess with. Really so far my only complaints are the UI (it just looks dated), and the...
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    underwhelmed by Direct so far :(

    Actually I did double confirm with her, and she had it right (or so I thought) when I gave her my CC info. She actually asked me to double confirm the authorization of the charge, and I specifically said "I agree that DirecTV is allowed to withdraw the $99 + tax charge from my account." As far...
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    Questions from a Dish Customer thinking about going to Direct.

    That kind of sucks. I've really grown to like the three hour guide on my 722k. In fact when I was installing (only on HD TV's) I used to ask the customer which they like better, and 99% choose the three hour guide. About the only ones who didn't where elderly who found the smaller type hard to read.
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    underwhelmed by Direct so far :(

    I just signed up with D* today. Everything seemed to go smoothly until I got my confirmation E-mail. The order was totally wrong. What I wanted (and thought she set it up to get) was the new HR34 receiver, and two HD receivers. With a total start up cost of the $99 for a new customer with a...
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    Virus from this site or very rare coincidence?

    I hate to bust your bubble but there are way more than three add streams on this site. My add blocker blocks anywhere from 8-14 adds every time I get on here. With a few of them being known tracker carriers. Unless you have a strong add blocker installed I feel visit at your own risk.
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    Dish Cover?

    A big one! :D
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    Problem with install.

    Software yes. Programming no. It can take up to 24hrs for all your programming.
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    Is the 922 free yet?

    Really?! I may jump on that!
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    722k questions, connections and HDMI woes.

    You may play around with running the component from the 722, and component from the TV to your onkyo, and then use the component out the supply the signal to your DVD recorder.
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    How to put phone number on permanent ignore in Android?

    I used to use this app called MR Number. IIRC it has several options for what you want to do. Including pick up and hang up, straight to voice mail, or a special message tailored to specific number. I think it also included options for the privet numbers as well.
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    Sirius XM to raise price for basic package

    I just installed the SIRIUS unit I used to use in my service van when I installed in the wife's van. Was going to reactivate last weekend, but decided to wait, and do some price comparing with Pandora, and Slacker. I've had a Slacker subscription for a while as well and the "cash station" option...
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    Install Tips for Dish 500 with 625 receiver

    As long as you have existing service your easiest way would be to just set up a Dish Mover. It's free (or $15 I can't remember if they changed it, but you'll spend more than that in materials trying to do it yourself anyway). You can run four TVs off your 625, but remember three of them will...
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    Need Some Help (Dish 500 Plus w/ Dish 625 Receiver)

    separator needs to be on the back of the receiver. You ether need it or two lines from the dish. Keep in mind the separator only works with Dish Pro Plus gear. If you have a Dish Pro LNB you will need two lines regardless.
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    Need Some Help (Dish 500 Plus w/ Dish 625 Receiver)

    A Dish 500 can have several different LNB's on it. You need to be a bit more specific as to what LNB you have on your dish. If the dish you have is the one that was installed with the receiver then more than likely it has a Dish Pro Plus Twin on it. That being the case only the one wire is...
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    Need Some Help (Dish 500 Plus w/ Dish 625 Receiver)

    Actually yes he would need the switch if he has a 500 Plus. You're confusing the 500 Plus with a Dish Pro Plus Twin. Two completely different LNB's
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    Cable Splitter in Dish TV connection

    Just to inform you the feed for the TV 2 does not come from the dish it comes from the receiver and is either diaplexed back into the same feed the dish signal is on, or has a separate line, but regardless that's not important in this situation. You mentioned you have a new HD TV for your third...
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    Which switch do I need to get 110 and 119 on a 625 dual tuner? 2 question s

    Baring no LOS issue you could also upgrade to a 500 dish with a DP+ Twin. That would give you one dish, two lines in, and using a separator on the receivers one line to each 625. Also the 625 is Dish's best SD DVR receiver. A solid unit.
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    NEW Dish Network PRO PLUS 500+ LNB

    Shouldn't that be the opposite? I always thought the farther south you go the higher the elevation.