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  1. Oyving

    Free Preview: HBO / Cinemax / NFL Sunday Ticket This Weekend

    Upgrade to Sunday Ticket MAX for $25. Sunday for a total cost of $249.99 instead of 299.99! September 8th only!
  2. Oyving

    Where am I? A question for techs

    Hi, Is there a way to see what sat/transponder I am on for a specific channel? Is there a test menu that will allow me to do this? Thanks, Gary
  3. Oyving

    Power Supply for a DCAW1RO-01 CCK-W

    Hi, I need a power supply for the cck-w and I don't know what model number I need. I figured that the SG forum is the place to ask!
  4. Oyving

    Whole Home MVR and rebooting HR23-700

    Hi, In the last few days, my HD23-700 is freezing and rebooting when viewing recordins from my HR22. Has anybody seen this before? Oyving
  5. Oyving

    Lastest Software Upgrade

    My HR22/100 got the upgrade on the 8th. I still waiting for my HR23/700s to get updated.
  6. Oyving

    Netgear XET1001 PowerLine with Whole-House DVR

    Well I'm pinging @ 2ms, so I thinks it's a clean link. As you say, I'm just using the wrong tools for the right job. I may need to go the DECA route.
  7. Oyving

    Netgear XET1001 PowerLine with Whole-House DVR

    Hi, I have 2 receivers hooked up with the XET1001 Powerline system. I can see the guides between them, however when I play a show, it plays for 1-2 seconds and freezes for 10 seconds then repeats. If anyone has any ideas ho to fix this, it would be appreciated! Gary
  8. Oyving

    any new premim channels deals

    Buy 1 Get one free.. HBO and MAX for 3 months $15.99. There is also a Starz deal that I can't remember. You have to call in to get the special.
  9. Oyving

    Media Share Question

    I had 2-HR23-700's, one day, one got struck by lightning. It was replaced by a HR22-100. Before I had media share on both receivers and now it's not on the"new" HR22. I am using TVersity and I see the DVR on the media server and I can use Whole House DVR off of both receivers using 2-Netgear...
  10. Oyving

    3net To Launch on DIRECTV this Sunday!

    But you have to admit, Beta was WAY better than VHS!!
  11. Oyving

    Receiver froze up?

    And do the Hokey-Pokey and you turn yourself around... :D
  12. Oyving

    DIRECTV Announces New HD!

    Actually, my understanding is that WGN America will be in HD and that will not help when games are on WCIU or not on the nationwide feed. :rant:
  13. Oyving

    D12 satellite - now we're receiving signals!

    I know that this isn't on topic, but how do they move a satellite and avoid hitting all of the satellites along the way?