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    Which Package Do You Have?

    Dish English Welcome Pack with HD Locals Netflix with Starzplay Online watch free TV episodes on SyFy, USA, TNT, and Hulu websites.
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    Welcome Pack

    Did not work for me: Please wait while we find a representative to assist you...Welcome to DISH Network Chat.MirJalal (ID: 78R): Hello JH MirJalal (ID: 78R): Thank you for choosing DISH Network, how can I help you today? JH: Does my Dish Welcome Pack qualify for the FREE ONE YEAR STARZ...
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    Anyone downgrade their subscriptions and gone to NETFLIX for the movies?

    I downgraded to Dish Welcome Pack one year ago and added Netflix 5 months ago. I watch both on my 30 inch LCD monitor (remote control for Dish, wireless mouse for PC Netflix). I record OTA HD on Dish 622 DVR. I watch older movies on Welcome Pack (AMC, TBS, Comedy, Hallmark, CMT). I...
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    Uplink Activity Report - 6/25/2008 12:38pm - 76 changes

    M Sparks: is StarzCinema available anywhere in HD ? TIA
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    HD package only

    Some of the old mpeg2 HD channels are not available there.
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    U.S Open Playoff Round on Dish

    The U.S. Open website says it will start at 9 AM west coast time. Does anybody know what channel and when it will be televised on Dishnetwork ? TIA
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    VIP211 and SuperDish

    When I asked in this forum the same question, but for pointing only at 61.5 Sat, I was told two negatives to the idea: #1: I would lose TNT HD, HDNet, HDNetMovies, DiscHDTheater because they are on the 110 Sat #2: I would lose the 10 day program guide, because it downloads from the 119 Sat
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    So...what are the odds of Voom making a triumphant return?

    What few of the 15 Voom channels are the ones being shown in Canada and Great Britain ?
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    ABC Family HD?

    Hey slick1r2: Original movies and original series are usually in HD. The Circuit, Middleman, and Samurai Girl are a few examples.
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    722 freezing up

    My 622 started doing high speed fan noises this morning. The menu 6, 3, counter said it was trying to do a FSCK. It also says it is scheduled to do a system check tomorrow 12:30 AM. What are these ? Do I need to be connected to phone or internet while my receiver are doing these ? TIA
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    dish packages are odd, how do I do this?

    iml: why couldn't you exchange the 522 for another HD receiver that feeds all HD channels out as SD through the monoagile output ?
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    So...what are the odds of Voom making a triumphant return?

    The following substitutions work for me: Equator=(Smithsonian,TravelHD,NatGeoHD) VoomHDmovies=(MGMHD).
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    Can I op-out my contract because voom move?

    testarc: wherever you change to, if WorldCinema was that important to you, please consider subscribing to the StarzCinema Channel as an alternative. Good Luck !
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    Dish Network Earnings Call

    Hey Starshifter: PM me when you get HDOnly Package at DirectTV for $30 :)
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    What was ur favorite 5 Voom channels?

    #1: HDNews #2: Equator #3: Rave
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    What Should I do?

    or $9 Dish Essentials
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    ESPNHD is Gone

    I see CH 140 HD ok right now from my 129 dish.
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    What is Eastern Arc?

    DishSubLA: the following was posted in another thread and may be a reason not to go EA single 61.5 dish right now.
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    A Couple of Questions Before I Take the Plunge

    8bitbytes: thanks for the info about no 9 day EEPG transmitted from 61.5
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    Now here is a read...

    Don't some channels show the same programs in the daytime and in the evening, like TNT L&O, USA reruns of Monk, etc. So why couldn't Voom combine some of their 2 channels into 1 channel and do the same thing, where they are now showing a program 2 or 3 or 4 times a day ? That would supply...