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  1. Matt9876

    How many computers do you have in your house?

    Currently 2 laptops and 3 desktop machines all wireless.
  2. Matt9876

    Is WinXP done after January 2008?

    Big new report out on this subject found office productivity is up to 50% less with Vista over XP. Vista should stay at home till speed improvements are made. Matt XP is gonna be around a very long time!
  3. Matt9876

    wireless routers

    Had trouble with Blitzer USB and PCI wireless G cards on Youtube.:mad: Replaced with Linksys equipment and everything runs great !! :) Matt
  4. Matt9876

    any1 get new virus yet?

    I hope they have a special place in hell for Virus/Malware writers. Life is too short to have it wasted on chasing bad code through your system. Haven't had a infection in years,currently using XP,Comodo fire wall, and Firefox :) Matt Edit:I don't use active Virus scan programs...
  5. Matt9876

    Is WinXP done after January 2008?

    What burns me the most about MS OSs is that every next gen upgrade won't support any of the stuff I already own printers,video cards etc. Feels like a big money machine and patched drivers don't work correctly. I use XP for work, My favorite OS is a patched version of Win 98se on a fast...
  6. Matt9876

    Is WinXP done after January 2008?

    If Microsoft switches on full DRM enforcement your Vista machine will act very differently. They don't do it yet so everyone will keep buying the product. Matt