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    Dish America HD versus 250 - How can I compare packages?

    The Dish website no longer has info on the America (HD Only) pack. I cancelled today but the offer she gave was so good, I was thinking we should reinstate. She could not give a good answer on what channels we would lose. Now that I want to compare, I can't see the current list of channels for...

    DIRT: Downgrade to Welcome Pack - Still get HD?

    We have had HD FREE for life since the program started. If we downgrade to the Welcome Pack, will we keep getting channels in HD? If so, we would like to move to that package. If not, we are going to cut the cord. No complaints really, just deciding it's time stop paying so much for tv.


    We had an issue that I brought to one of the members of DIRT yesterday. He was able to correct the issue and make my bride happy within two messages. Huge THANKS to the DIRT team for all you do here and a big THANKS to Scott for bringing it all together. We have been loyal customers with Dish...

    Sling Adapter: Ship visibility

    We ordered a Sling Adapter last week from Dish Network. Are they going to give us visibility when it ships? Are they going to send tracking info? I ask because we have had issues with packages left on the front step a few times over the years in our neighborhood.

    Installer here now - 1000.2 vs 1000.4

    I've got an installer here at the house now. We currently have a Dish 500 pointed at 110/19 and a large single pointed at 61.5. Reception is fantastic with the large dish on 61.5. Of course we do not get much HD anymore, that is why the installer is here. He is installing a 1000.2 on the facia...

    Ordering PPV Online - Dish needs to fix this issue!

    I posted this in another thread related to the $5 phone line charge. I think it's a big enough issue to warrant it's own thread. WARNING: Ordering PPV via online has it's faults. Even though you login to order, the system has no idea what satellites your using. Twice now we have ordered PPV...

    Estimate monthly bill for Dish America w/ 722?

    Trying to calculate monthly cost for the following package and hardware... ESTIMATE MONTHLY BILL Dish America HD Platinum 722 Receiver We have the everything pack today and two receivers (722 & 622). If we move to the Dish America pack and drop the 622, what will our monthly bill be...

    Has anyone modified their Voom reflector/arm for DP?

    Has anyone modified their Voom reflector/arm for using newer (D-Shaped) DP lnb's? The reflector is much larger than the D500 that we're using now for 61.5. Tried shortening the arm today but I'm not sure I got it to the correct length. If anyone has a modified and working Voom setup using DP...

    Which Sat: Minneapolis HD Locals

    How do I find out which sat carries Minneapolis HD Locals? I did a search for "MN-CBS" in the uplink forum but did not find what I was looking for. Now that the weather is nice, I want to move my 61.5 to 72 or 129. UPDATE: Looks like we have four HD locals at channel 6347-6350 on 129. So my...
  10. MNHTUG

    UHF Remote only works in dual mode???

    IR remote works great. UHF remote does not operate the receiver unless it is in dual mode. What gives? I've tried rebooting the receiver via holding the power button. Problem continues. I did not think to test dual mode until I saw that I could temporarily change the remote settings via system...
  11. MNHTUG

    New Install for my parents 622? Why not 722?

    My parents broke from cable and went with Dish Network. My dad said they installed a 222k. I told them to call back and ask for a 722. They promised a 722 next day. This of course did not happen and they spent a few days on the phone before getting an installer back out to the house. When he...
  12. MNHTUG

    HD Channel List: Dish Network vs DirectTV

    These channel lists are my attempt to compare what each satellite provider has to offer. I've broken out movie channels, PPV, news and sports. If I am missing HD channels, please advise and I will update the list...
  13. MNHTUG

    PPV-HD: Death Proof?

    I see Death Proof and Planet Terror listed for PPV on an unknown satellite carrier for November 15th. This info was found via Google of "Death Proof PPV". Any chance we will see these on PPV-HD in November? If we have someone who can provide upcoming PPV-HD content, I would love to see this info.
  14. MNHTUG

    FREE Preview = No Guide Data (WTF)

    Does Dish have a clue? I pay for the HD channels but when FREE preview comes on, I loose guide data so Dish can advertise the FREE preview? WTF? This is old news but it is importantly stupid news. Dish needs to get a clue and provide guide data to those of us who actually pay for our HD channels...
  15. MNHTUG

    Horror Story: 622 & Dish 1000 Install (Mpls)

    I've documented some of our install nightmare in detail. If your interested, read on. What you do not see below is that I asked the first installer at my home if he could simply activate my receiver. He said no. I asked him why we could not use my current set-up. He claimed that legacy lnbs...
  16. MNHTUG

    Exisiting sub, one leased 942, one purchased...

    Haven't been here in months. Too much new information to process. There should be one thread that outlines what is happening with Dish-HD, what our options are, and links to appropriate threads that cover each topic. I know this is a lot of work, but somebody needs to do it. Sorry it's not me at...
  17. MNHTUG

    Does Chuck have any influence on Charlie?

    It would be nice if Chuck could influence Charlie with the premise of more than just Voom exclusives on Dish Network. If Dish were to make TMC-HD, Max-HD and/or Eastern feeds of the HD premiums available on 61.5, I would pay for it. No question. Sure, many will flame me for the thought of...
  18. MNHTUG

    Voom Requests: We need a thread for this...

    Now that Dish carries three Voom movie channels, and they are the only Voom movie channels subscribers can see, can we make requests to Voom for programming changes? 1) Rotate the schedule to exclude reruns on the same day 2) When a rerun appears a day, days or weeks later, choose a...
  19. MNHTUG

    Dish Network - HD Channel List

    HD Pack ($9.99/mo): 9420 TNT-HD 9421 Discovery-HD 9422 HD-Net 9423 HD-Net Movies 9424 ESPN-HD Notes: Free for the first 6 months for new first time Dish subscibers $4.99/mo for first 12 months for first time HD subscribers, exisiting dish subscribers Voom HD Pack ($5/mo): 9470...
  20. MNHTUG

    Existing Customer: Dish HD Options

    What are my options for HD as an existing Dish Network customer? We have no HD capable Dish receivers at this time. We own all our stuff. What are my options and what path is the most cost effective. With Voom going away, we need to get a plan in place.