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    Dish came out to check my new installation

    After being with Dish then changing to Directv then going back to Dish again as Directv could not get line of sight I had a new installation as ordered via On Monday I had a supervisor come to my house to check the installtion. Is this normal? He just shown up without an...
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    Moved House no line of sight now I have too wait

    I changed 3 months ago from Dish to Directv. I then moved house which was something I wasn't planning on but it happened. A Tech came out last Thursday too reinstall my equipment and told me that he could not get a line of sight. He said that I would have to wait too Tuesday for his...
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    FOX Soccer Plus HD

    Any news on whether Charlie is going to be giving us FSC+ in HD this year? I know I am being very greedy.
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    VIP 722 loss of signal

    Hi all. I turned on my VIP 722 receiver yesterday to find out it wasn't working and that it isn't getting a signal. It was working Sunday. I called dish yesterday and have to wait to Friday for someone to come out. I think thats unacceptable but another story. I have checked the dish and...