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  1. rsebolt

    disconnect error outrageous!

    :mad: I emailed Dish to ask about how long I have to give notice to disconnect, not knowing if I had to give 30 days or 1 day or whatever. We are moving Dec 8th. I sent the email on 11/10. I turned on my Dish today to find NO CHANNELS! So I checked the switches, etc.. and finally called...
  2. rsebolt

    dish 7100/7200 web keyboard for sale

    I have a dish 7200 web keyboard that I don't need anymore. Someone make me an offer. Email me at rseboltaz at thanks Go SUNS!!! Go PISTONS!!!
  3. rsebolt

    smart card change horrible

    Well, my new smart card came in the mail. Nice bright yellow with instructions to dump the blue card. Well, I followed all the isntructions and 3 calls later, the tech decided to send me out another 7200 reciever because the smart card changes have been known to kill the reciever...
  4. rsebolt

    new yellow cards

    I got in the mail today a new yellow card for my dish 7200. I spent some time trying to install it and then called for support. They ended up saying the new yellow card was defective and overnighted me another yellow card. Luckily, my old blue card still worked in the meantime. So...
  5. rsebolt

    721 recording on its own??!

    OK After my hard drive failed and I got it going again, now it is recording whatever it feels like. :confused: I feel like its a Tivo now (from what I hear), recording what it thinks you'll like. Maybe that's part of the new software download??! :) Anyhow, I have searched this forum...
  6. rsebolt

    721 Your Disk Has Failed!

    Turned on my relatively new 721 yesterday. Was tuned to channel 101 (the Dish Channel) and when I went to press the change channel button or guide button, an error message came up saying the HARD DISK HAS FAILED. :shocked So I called Dish support. Turned off the pvr using the front button...
  7. rsebolt


    The installers are here to hook up my 721. They are trying to tell me they can't fish the additional line through my walls. Yeah, right. Maybe cuz it's 105 outside and the wires run through the attic, where it's probly 150 degrees. I told the scheduler to schedule me for first thing am but...
  8. rsebolt

    DishPlayer blackouts

    I have the 7200 and 7100 DishPlayer units. Every so often, the screen will go black with no sound. It lasts about a second or two, then comes back on. It is very frustrating. It happens on any channel I watch. No rhyme or reason. More so on the 7200 than on the 7100. Has anyone else...
  9. rsebolt

    what's the limit?

    What's the limit to the number of recievers allowed per account? :cool: