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    Digital SD/HD OTA DVR???

    The TR-50 is not available until July. For the interim, Panasonic has a couple of good DVD Recorders, the DMR-EZ17K or the DMR-EZ47VK that have ATSC tuners and can use dual-layer DVD-RAM disks. By lowering the recording resolution a little, I can get 16 hours of HD programming in 16x9 SD. Both...
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    OTA Tuner

    Echostar is coming out with an OTA dual tuner DVR in July that DOES NOT require a subscription fee.
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    Very Good $2.00 Homemade Antenna For HDTV

    The CM4228 is about the only UHF antenna that also does a fair job at upper VHF because of the way the bays are connected. But high-band VHF antennas are small and merge well with any UHF antenna.