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    U.S Open Playoff Round on Dish

    The U.S. Open website says it will start at 9 AM west coast time. Does anybody know what channel and when it will be televised on Dishnetwork ? TIA
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    new Voom channel May 1,2008

    Just saw a commercial on VoomHDNews that advertised a new Voom movie channel starting May 1, 2008. Anyone have anymore details ?
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    daily update during rainstorm

    I have a 622 with a 500 aimed at 110/119 and a second 500 aimed at 129. All signal strengths are OK=green. Check switch=OK. I subscribe to HD Only and Nashville HD LIL. Soft re-boot front panel did not help. This morning, the daily update got interrupted during a rainstorm. I now only...
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    any March Free Previews ?

    Does E* get the same free preview movie channels as D* in the same month ? Free Previews Coming in March - DBSTalk.Com
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    TIVO lawsuit update

    Is this the end of the TIVO lawsuit ? If so, what effect will it have on our bills and how soon ? TiVo's Stock Soaring On Thursday
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    CES 2008 on G4

    Pardon the dumb question, but I did a search on Dishnetwork and could not find G4. What channel number is it on Dish ? TIA
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    Special Promotion

    Does anyone out there know the details about the SPECIAL PROMOTION on page 1 of my E* bill ? All it says is: "You have been selected to receive an exclusive offer. Call now and enjoy a $29.99 credit on your 1st and 12th month of programming. Hurry offer ends 11/15/07. Call 1-888-255-0761...
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    Is DVR Advantage now available for AT100 ?

    I currently have AT100 plus locals plus HD plus 622 lease. My contract expires December 20, 2007. I am looking at best cost to re-up to new contract at that time for the same package. Is DVR Advantage now available for AT100 ? When I go to this link at Dish Network, it suggests that DVR...
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    CNN HD no stretch-o-vision

    Glad to read that CNN HD was launched and that they intend to not use stretch-o-vision like TNT HD does. CNN HD is ready whenever DirecTV is - Engadget HD
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    which Mythbusters episodes are HD

    Some Mythbusters epsodes are shown as 16x9 on the Disc SD channel but they look like upconverts on Disc HD channel on my HDTV with faces lacking detail. Does anybody know what date that they started shooting the episodes below in HD ? MythBusters TV Show - MythBusters Television Show -
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    will TBS HD be stretch-o-vision ?

    Will TBS HD "stretch" programming like TNT HD does ? Is E* in negotiations for this channel yet ? TBS to Go High-Def On Sept. 1
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    Voom PQ comparison

    Now that Cablevision will also have Voom, does anybody want to theorize who will have the better PQ ? Cablevision Adds 15 Voom HD Channels
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    Discovery to Launch 6 New HD Channels

    coming later this year or next year:
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    History Channel HD when ?

    Anyone have an update on when History Channel HD will start in the USA ? Found this site for UK. TIA
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    4 more HD channels

    For those of you who did not read this in the DirectTV Forum, Disney announced 4 more channels going HD early 2008.
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    622 new vs weekly

    I have been trying to record the weekly Dresden Files on Sci-Fi channel on Sunday night. My problem is that the new episode has been shown at different times on different weeks. And some weeks it shows a rerun of the previous week's episode before the new episode. Which setting my 622...
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    Music Channels Question

    The CD Music Channels are now listed as available as part of the AT 100 package on the E* website. I have the former Bronze package. How do I get these new additional channels activated ?
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    why complain about price increases ?

    Would someone please explain to me why you complain about E* price increases ? I try to limit complaints to keep my frustration and my blood pressure down. If I cannot afford a price increase (E* or phone or insurance or internet), then I: (a) stay with the service but go to a lower...
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    last HD for Bronze ?

    Is NGC HD channel the start of a future trend ? If we have to subscribe to the metallic that has the SD version of an HD channel from now on, does that mean that the next addition will probably be the last for Bronze ? Food HD Hist HD A&E HD MTV HD What else is there on Bronze with any...
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    after the 110 dust settles

    After all the SD locals channels have been moved around by May 5 (?), how likely would it be for E* to logically reallocate the already asigned HDLIL to different sats based on location in the US ? (1) East coast HDLIL on 61.5 (2) West coast HDLIL on 129 (3) MidWest & MidSouth on 110