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    Dish went out suddenly

    About 11pm eastern last night I went to complete signal loss on my Wally's .It wasn't raining or anything. Today same thing . Anyone else having trouble?
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    Help needed.

    I have two Wally's and a dpp ea.2 dish. I have 2 lines running from dish oneoto eachewally. the only thing I pick up on both is 61.5 Thoughts
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    I have a hopper 3 at home that works great .last year at my campground I put in a dish and just added 2 Wally's to my home account and use them at the campground. It worked fine last year .but I just got here this year and it only picks up satellite 61.5 and only will give me the 61.5 test...
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    Upgrade to Hopper 3 Question about Install

    Right now i have 2 Hoppers and 4 joeys They said i could go to the hooper 3 and 5 joey 2.0s if i sign a new contract and with a $95 tech Visit. Does the new system use the same satellite dish as the regular hopper? Only reason i ask is because right now when i go to my campground i take one...
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    Signal lose during primetime

    Every night when it starts recording primetime anytime I can't watch TV because of signal lose. Once primetime is over it works fine. I have a hopper and a Joey. I did check switch and both 71 and 61 come back green
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    Dish at Campground

    Tried to install myself but cant get signal. My neighbor had dish come install his for him, i contacted them and told them i wanted to move my account to the camper and they refuse i said why did my neighbor get it and they said he must of went through a retailer outlet, i said no the tech said...
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    Campground hook up

    I have a dish 1000.4 connected to a solo node than cable from node to host hopper and cable to client Joey. My neighbor here can't get signal too many trees in his way. He wants to run a cable from my set up to his camper. Is this possible anyhow he has a regular receiver not a hopper how...
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    Not picking up sat 72

    I'm setting up my dish 1000.4 and I'm picking up sat 61.5 fine but when I do a switch test 72 comes back with conn. I have yet to find a channel that doesn't work though. Thoughts?
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    XL Compression Connectors

    what is a good stripper for these? All the ones i can find only strip a small portion
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    Pointing dish trying to get 61.5 and 72 getting Nimiq 82

    I have my elevation, and skew set to what dishpointer says, i am picking up nimiq 82 at 55 strength but cant seem to locate 61.5 and 72 Ami even close? Do i need to go right and up or right and down>?
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    Dish in camper

    I have sat input and cable input on back of camper inside of camper at main tv I have a cable connection and sat and ota switch. In the bunk room I have a cable jack and on the outside kitchen I have a cable connection anyway possible to have what's playing on satelite at main tv play on the...
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    Pointing Dish 1000.4

    Im trying to point a dish to 61.5 and 77 I have managed to pick up real quick Mexico 77 or something and a nimiq one time But not getting anything near 61.5 I have my elevation set to what dishpointer says, with the little rod, How do i set the skew on this thing,i found where it says...
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    1000.2 Ea Dish Twin LNB Which Wires to Run??

    Ok i just picked up a free 1000.2 EA dish to take to my campground On the Dish it has 3 cables coming from LNB They are marked 1 2 3 But there are only 2 Lnbs on the dish. I plan on running them so a solo node and the solo node only has a spot to put 2 cables. So which two do i run from...
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    Good Compression Tool and Stripper

    I am looking to get pretty good easy to use Rg-6 Compression tool and a Stripper as well. Any recommendations?? I purchased these Compression connectors
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    Which Dish 1000.2 or 1000.4

    I am installing a hopper and 1 joey in my travel trailer Already have a solo node. Any good satellite finders to help with pointing it? Also whats the best way to mount it?
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    Install Hopper in Travel Trailer Camper?

    I am going to have a seasonal at a place that only has local channels 2,5,7 I will be at the camper part of the week and hop for a couple days. My question is is there a way to get a dish and take a hooper and joey with me and hook it up when im at the camper. The camper has cable ran to...
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    Joey Linking to wrong Hopper

    Ok all of a sudden my joeys are linking to the downstairs hopper instead of the upstairs hopper. IF on the upstairs hopper i go to setting whole home there are no joeys listed Thoughts?
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    Joey Volume Quits

    On one of my Joeys the volume always go out and i have to change the channel a couple times to get it back Any ideas?
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    Change Channel in another room

    IS it possible to be sitting at your hopper and change the channel in another room(joey) If not i think it would be a pretty handy feature.
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    Ripped Off

    They told me they would waive my technician visit charge of $95 to upgrade to hopper. Yet i access my account and see a balance of over $200 I get on chat with them and they say well you were charged for the tech visit. Also when i scheduled my upgrade a couple days later i got a cal lfrom...