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  1. tjguitar

    Cancelling DISH

    Does anyone know if I can schedule a cancellation upfront or if I need to wait until the day I want to cancel service? Live chat was completely useless and referred me to an 800 number - the whole point is I don't want to waste my time on the phone if I am just going to have to call again in a...
  2. tjguitar

    Samsung 60" Plasma or Vizio 60" E600i-B3 LED

    I am looking for a new TV. My current TV's are a small-ish Magnavox LCD that's probably like 12 years old and a 42" Sony Bravia. They are both fine, I just want something bigger. My budget is $800. I can get the Samsung PN60F5300AFXZA or Vizio E600i-B3 I do not watch many movies, never have...
  3. tjguitar

    NBA League Pass

    There is a free preview this week and I noticed on the dish network preview site, it states the following: " NBA League Pass - 561 Tue, 10/28/14 - Mon, 11/03/14 Always available in America's Top 120 Plus, America's Top 200, America's Top 250" Is NBA LP REALLY always available in these...
  4. tjguitar

    Joey 170 Degrees Error

    Got an error that my joey temperature is 170 and has exceeded recommended operating temperatures. It says placing items on top of the joey or housing it in an eneclosed cabinet can limit the airflow. Neither of those situations apply. Any ideas?
  5. tjguitar

    Pixelating RSN

    Is it normal for the HD feed of the local RSN to pixelate and skip audio? This happens to me all the time on the part time Fox Sports West HD feed. It only seems to affect the part time RSN channels. Very annoying and I often have to switch to the SD feed to be able to watch it. Any fixes?
  6. tjguitar

    On Demand Issues

    In addition to the disppearing timers, I'm having issues with on demand. Sometimes it says network connection not available. Sometimes it works. DISH Twitter account stated: There is known issue with on demand having that issue. Our techs are working to resolve the issue as quickly as...
  7. tjguitar

    No Timers Available

    When I looked at my dvr today, under daily schedule, it says 'no timers scheduled', and under timers its says 'no timers available'. Any idea what is causing this? I realize most shows are in reruns now, but it should still show the timers I have already established...
  8. tjguitar

    Any concerns with joeys overheating?

    I turned off my joey last night around 11pm and I went to work and came home around 6 pm. The thing still feels hot. I understand they don't have fans in them, but should it still be hot after 19 hours of non-usage? I'm kind of regretting not going for super joeys as that would have increased...
  9. tjguitar

    Pac 12 Network - what is in HD?

    I have to say i am a bit frustrated. The main reason I chose Dish over DirecTV ist hat Dish carries the Pac 12 Network. However, the majority of the content isn't even aired in HD. There were a bunch of softball games today, and only one was in HD and it was JIP.only. Tonight's baseball game...
  10. tjguitar

    Confused by package lineups

    Can someone who subscribes to Dish help me out? I'm torn between the Americas Top 120+ and America's Top 200. According to the Dish website, Top 120+ includes Fox Sports 2, but not Fox Sprrts 1. It also shows that Top 200 has Fox Sports 1, but not Fox Sports 2. This doesn't make sense to me...
  11. tjguitar

    U-Verse or Time Warner?

    Those are my two choices as my condo does not face the southern sky :( TW has a $75/mo for 2 years TV and internet contract price, and supposedly has free HD., UVerse is around $67 for just the TV w/ free dvr (which I doubt I'd use) (+ $10 for hD), but no contract, and a $200 visa card...
  12. tjguitar

    HD RSNs on Dish

    Hello, I'm hopefully getting my own condo soon and curious about some of Dish's pricing. It seems like the best deal. I especially like the hd only packages that have most of the channels I would watch for much cheaper than uverse or directv. I noticed the "Dish America" HD packages....It...
  13. tjguitar

    Dish's Regional Sport package + other Dish Sports questions

    Hey everyone, I'm moving out soon and I noticed Dish has some very cheap offers right now. I know htey don't have some sports stations like MLB Network and NFL Network but I think I've watched MLB once and I have never watched NFL. The main channels I watch are local OTAs, ESPN, ESPN2, TBS, TNT...
  14. tjguitar

    Will DirecTV add KTLA?

    I was under the impression that with the new H20 receiver there would be additional locals, but so far all I see on the guide are the four big networks that were included on the older hd well as some additional sports from the local RSNs. Has there been any announcements...