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  1. Agonizing Fury

    So did you order a new iPhone?

    I just think it will be sad to see all the former iPhone owners walking around without thumbs when the phone thieves realize that all they need to unlock the phones they are stealing is the owners thumb! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I537 using SatelliteGuys
  2. Agonizing Fury

    DISH Reaches Long Term Agreement with DISNEY / ESPN / ABC

    Agreed. I recently looked into signing up for dish and the first thing I saw looking at the Channel list was the lack of several HD channels that I knew dish had back when I was an installer. Anytime who subs to a new service without seeing if the channels they want are avaliableis responsible...
  3. Agonizing Fury

    May make switch, but first some questions that Dish couldn't answer

    :welcome to Satellite guys!! Sounds like it's probably good to go. If I understand you correctly you are basically using a component splitter to "mirror" your main TV to the rest of the TVs. Note that dish will charge you $60 per mirror if you have them set it up, so best bet would be to let...
  4. Agonizing Fury

    How do I receive dish net for cabin using current home account?

    Here's the down low on account stacking as far as I understand it. If you have a dish installed at the cabin, and you bring a receiver with you AND no one is at your primary residence using the service there, then this is ok. It's no different than doing a dish mover each time you move. But make...
  5. Agonizing Fury

    using 3 dishes for eastern arc?

    Sounds like your new dish is actually pointing at 77 as well. DN receivers will show X on a duplicate orbital.
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    Turn off tv with remote

    Sounds like you need to program the "Discreet on" and "Discreet Off" commands into your harmony remote so it will always put the box in the correct mode (on or off) and won't depend on what the receiver is set to when you start an activity. If you look in the remote manual for your dish network...
  7. Agonizing Fury

    Installers made a huge deal about everything so I sent them packing ... now what?

    Wrong - your appointment as stated in another thread was from 12-5. Last time I checked 4PM is between 12PM and 5PM. If this is not the case in your area, feel free to correct me. Regardless of how well built your chimney is, Dish frowns upon chimney mounts. Also if the tech would have to climb...
  8. Agonizing Fury

    HDCP PPV Error

    It amazes me how blind the content companies are. They think DRM (Digital Rights Management) such as this will help prevent piracy. I say it adds to it. I can purchase an HD PPV, and switch around my HDMI for some other cable, have it downrez it because it's not happy about DRM not being...
  9. Agonizing Fury

    Access code for Tivo Series 2 and Dish VIP k222

    yeah, that should do it for you. The Tivo by default will only send the remote codes for a remote set to 1, so if it's set to 20 on the receiver then the receiver will ignore remote commands from the tivo as it's sending remote commands for remote 1. So the steps I laid out should do the trick...
  10. Agonizing Fury

    Access code for Tivo Series 2 and Dish VIP k222

    More than likely the IR remote for the 222k is not set for remote address 1 which is what the Tivo is probably set to. Bring up the system info screen on the 222k (by pressing the menu button twice) and see what the TV1 remote address is set to (this should be near the bottom of the screen), If...
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    WOOT OFF starting now!!!
  12. Agonizing Fury

    Save money buying your own receiver?

    I think you failed to keep in mind that if you buy, instead of a receiver lease fee, you pay the same amount for some kind of receiver programming fee. For example: If I lease a 625 and a 301 receiver, the 301 is not the primary receiver on my account, so I would pay $5 extra on my bill for...
  13. Agonizing Fury

    dpp33 says its a sw64 on system info

    Just throwing this one out there because I've seen it cause similar problems before, have you tested all of the electrical outlets for proper hot/neutral/ground? I see this a lot with dual tuners when there is a hot neutral reverse (especially when it's a two hole only outlet as these are very...
  14. Agonizing Fury

    Anyone with a 722k,, please respond, I need HELP!!

    Try going into the scan locals screen and remove any of the weaker channels. Alternatively, get a higher gain antenna, or relocate it for a better signal. The problem seems to come from the receiver thinking it's lost it's satellite signal just because it lost whatever OTA channel it was last...
  15. Agonizing Fury

    Anyone with a 722k,, please respond, I need HELP!!

    nope. it happens with all ViP receivers that have an OTA. I don't know why dish hasn't bothered to fix this yet. It's been a problem for YEARS!! It's not even listed in the dish KRI (Known Receiver Issues) for techs, so unless a tech heard about it here (or from another tech that heard about it...
  16. Agonizing Fury

    Commercial Install Advise (Techs or Equiv) Only Please

    Yes, you can technically have as many DPP44 switches installed to one dish as you want. The only limit you need to worry about is that you cannot Trunk more than 3 together. With the proper combination of signal amps and power pass splitters (rated for at least 900 - 2150MHz) you can have many...
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    Which dish configuration is best

    Yes, if your current dish setup is working and gets you all the channels you subscribe to, you would probably end up having to pay to upgrade the 322 to a 222 or 222k receiver (1000.4 installs require all MPEG-4 compatible equipment). If LOS issues mandate a change to a 1000.4 the installer can...
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    In house techs

    :welcome to satellite guys! Best place to ask questions like this is in the Installer Zone ( It's a place where us installers hang out and talk about everything related to the installation side of things. After you sign up for the installer zone, you...
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    I may leave DISH

    I remember a memo about this a few weeks ago. If we swap out a 722 with a 722k we are supposed to provide the ota module free of charge to the customer. Problem is getting the damn things in the warehouse. Last time I did a swap like this I contacted customer service and had them ship the...
  20. Agonizing Fury

    New Favorite Site: Crazy Funny!

    Common Van, just cause you made the site is no reason to be so down on it :eek: J/K