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    Streaming may be worth it, even when it does cost more

    There is an endless supply of threads, blog posts, and articles talking about how to save money by "cutting the cord." Looking at how services are shaping up with package bundles, price increases, and carriage disputes, in a lot of ways this is turning into more of a "cord switch." With the...
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    Updated Channel list for XM Online

    I got sick of waiting for BuildAGadget to update the channel list for their app. I edited the XML file to match the PDF that was published, and edited the channel groups to match. Process is pretty simple: 1) Quit the App 2) Grab the new XML file from here (it's all text so you can...
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    Referral credit & cancellation

    If you sign up under the refer-a-friend program and the person who referred you cancels their service before the 10 months of credits are up, do you still get the remaining $10 credits? Scenario: The person who referred my friend 5 months ago is now going to cancel. Will my friend stop...
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    Windows 7 users - handy desktop gadget

    I keep my XM subscription mostly for the online streaming. Others who do the same might find this Vista Sidebar / Windows 7 Gadget handy: Build A Gadget | XM Online Radio I find I listen a lot more when the channels are simply a click or two away.
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    All discounts disppeared?

    I logged in to check my DirecTV account and found that $115 has been charged to my credit card. This is a little unsettling because it's far from the $50 I should be paying as a new subscriber. Absent discounts include: $10 FreeHD for Life $10 Refer a Friend $5 Online Redemption Credit...
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    61.5 TP30 issues?

    It's back into usable range now, but TP30 has been dropping a few times this evening, and right now TP30+31 has significantly lower power than other TPs coming from 61.5. For example, right now TP30 is showing 1/2 the signal strength/quality of TP21. More problems with E*3?
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    Free NHL GameCenter Live w/ Centre Ice

    Both Shaw Direct and Bell appear to be offering free NHL GameCenter Live (online streams of games) if you order Centre Ice. Bell: Bell TV Online ShawDirect: NHL GameCenter LIVE™ - Shaw Direct With more games being produced in HD this season, crazily you might be able to see more HD...
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    Eastern Arc - Center Ice SD?

    I've been digging through the threads about Eastern Arc and I realize there is nothing to be gained for standard channel SD quality (480x480 MPEG4 at a lower bit-rate than 540x480 MPEG2). I'm curious if there is any advantage for the sports packages, in particular NHL Center Ice. The HD...
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    NHL Center Ice Promo $109

    For anyone else that might be interested, it looks like Dish is offering a promo for $10 off the mid-season subscription rate for NHL Center Ice this weekend. DISH Network - Pay-Per-View Hockey - 1.888.825.2557 I just dropped the Platinum HD package and signed up -- the NHL Network was the...
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    For HD-DVD owners that got the Amazon $50 Credit...

    If you were thinking about going Blu, this might be a reasonable cost way to get there. Sony card promo: Sony Gateway Sign up for the Sony Card and get a $100 credit when you purchase a PS3 from an authorized Sony retailer. (Amazon counts) Additionally each purchase over $299 in the...
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    Question on install fee reversal - does it impact the installer?

    I have a bit of a dilemma. I finally broke down and bought an HDTV, taking advantage of the good deals that were being offered on Black Friday. After that I placed an order with Dish to replace my 510 DVR with a 722. Since I've only had SD programming this required replacing my Dish500 with...