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    Do I need DirecTV's protection plan?

    There seems to be numerous negative comments concerning the protection plan. I understand that it’s a high pressure sell and is almost certainly pure profit for DTV. I’m left to wonder what do I actually get out of it? Many of the “features” seem to be things DTV would cover regardless. (I.E...
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    Tom's excellent install adventure

    Thanks Joe, the ground block close to the ground bond makes sense. What is normally run from the dish to the ground block, single or dual coax? (for SWiM)
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    Tom's excellent install adventure

    I understand the reason for a service loop at the LNB. Are either of these methods acceptable? About the right size?
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    Tom's excellent install adventure

    EXCELLENT info, thanks. Yikes, $76 for 80’ of #6 stranded THHN and $12 for the 8’ rod and clamp. Good to hear. But doesn’t a custom install cost more?
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    Tom's excellent install adventure

    My understanding is that back-bonding or a supplemental ground is my only choice here. The wall that this is mounted on is the garage and there isn't an existing (exposed) grounding source within 20' The service ground is original, 1976 Joe, I assumed the ground block would be located up...
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    Tom's excellent install adventure

    Either the rim joist or the top plate above the studs. It's solid.
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    Tom's excellent install adventure

    The title of this photo is "2004 "temporary" install with invisible ground"
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    Tom's excellent install adventure

    I spent A LOT of time determining where the studs and rim joists were. I then laid the whole thing out horizontally, clamping it to my kitchen table and transferred the dimensions to the wall using levels. I hoped that I would at least be close when it was assembled. I was very surprised when...
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    What is the latest version of the Standard Professional Installation Guidelines?

    Joe, I started a new thread that explains my interest in the SPIG
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    Tom's excellent install adventure

    Backstory: I’m a nine-year DTV customer still using a triple LNB and HR10-250’s. I thought I might join modern society and upgrade to a Genie with three clients. I expect that I’ll be offered a free upgrade w/ installation, however, I want to install (mount) the dish myself. I plan on having the...
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    What is the latest version of the Standard Professional Installation Guidelines?

    I have Version 3 (08/02/2011) How can I get a copy of the latest? Tom J
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    What's involved in a DirecTV QC inspection?

    Thanks guys, those are some comprehensive examples!!!
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    What's involved in a DirecTV QC inspection?

    I've read numerous posts that refer to a DirecTV QC inspection after the install. Just curious what this entails. Tom J
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    Compression F-Conncetors

    Even though you replaced all your connectors, the improvement in SS likely came from replacing just the connectors exposed to the weather. I'll bet that if you had replaced just the outside crimp connectors with new crimp connectors you likely would have the same positive result. Nevertheless...
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    Is there such thing as too close?

    I agree with the overload suggestions. If attenuators don't work there may be another issue. If you are 1.1 miles away, you are likely outside of the antenna pattern and in an area where there is no direct signal. Your statement that you can get all your stations with rabbit ears, but not all at...
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    $299 HD-DVR w/ $100 rebate

    Thanks to that tip from Wirelezz I also purchased one from Newegg for 489.99. Purchased Tuesday, got it today. Shipped out of Grove City, Ohio, double boxed. With my (vaporware) rebate and other credits my final tally should be a little over $200. That's worth a two year commitment IMO...
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    DIRECTV Price Increase 3/1/06???

    So basically, even though it looks suspicious, trust us. You would think at this point in time they would know better than to provide links that are obscure and suspicious to the average person. In fact, I wonder how many of these messages never made it through spam filters. Another blunder by...
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    Directv denies BestBuy HD Receiver Rebate

    Nothing could be further from the truth. DirecTV absolutely needs a BIG retail presence. Having D* equipment next to HDTVs gets people thinking (regardless of how the BB staff is perceived).
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    Fios?? Give Me A Break!

    We're just happy you got home without being pulled over. :)
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    Chase Carey QnA Recap

    Wait Chase, there's more, how about the ... "Nothing New Plan" "Wait a Long Time and See Plan" "Sign your Kids up now for HD Trust Fund Plan" "Be Patient, Here's $30 Off your Bill Plan" "HR10-250 Update Starts Next Week Plan" "I'm Sorry, we didn't Receive your Rebate Form Plan" "I'm...