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    FTV Blues, Need HD box...

    My wife is despondent because the FTV is down. Since she suffers from a disability, she is what we used to call a shut in. This is often the only joy for her when I go to work. In the past, board members were so helpful that they got me going with the motorized, and a cband. Anybody have any...
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    8x1 or 4x1 and 22

    Should I go 8x1 for my rig, or two diseqc with a 22? My motorized is what i am worried about. will it pass the commands? thanks all
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    nagravision 1 and race track network

    does anyone get this unscrambled? i would think the coolsat would run it, because the n1 is dead. would it work?
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    unscrambled weather on 107.3

    hey, when i was configuring the prodelin, i pulled all these canadian weather channels. no encryption, good pic. now, they are encrypted but I get all the channels. what is the story?
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    math helps

    math helps! (originally in the cband, thought the broader exposure might give me some ideas) okay, looked over the pendragon linuxman convo, and didn't really get anything more than conjecture. linuxman's circumstances are slightly different than mine because he has the bestial support...
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    sub for cband

    is it possible to get sub for 107.3? argent and mystere would be what i want, but i have no idea where to start. any northern friends that might have a notion of what to do to get these?
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    prodelin 1.8 focal point

    i looked at the schematics and geometry from the prodelin website, but it seems like the ku is what it is measured for. any thoughts on the measurements if i use c band? i am making the supports, and i think i have found the sweet spot but it is always better to be exact....
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    107.3°W Anik F1R C update

    Scanned the sat, i wonder if there is a more recent scan to compare tps...i probably need to skew my lnb bsc421 on my prodelin 1.8, but i want to get the TELE QUEBEC NEW or any french channels. maybe they are gone? latest lyngsat update is 07-04-18 and that is the newer! some are from 2001!
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    anybody getting cubavision on the intelsat 9? i had to rig the lhz to 10050 to get the sat on my svelite, but i get all the channels. i want to get cubavision. as per THELIST i get all there, but at different numbers...any idea how to work the numbers to get cubavision? just thought it would...
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    bandstacked nightmare!

    okay, i finally put the motor on the channelmaster 85, and used the oe lnb. it looks great, sweet quality, but the bandstacked won't allow the horizontal. i tried the formula, but for my sonicview 360 piece of crap, it won't allow the modification of the formula. any thoughts for this project?
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    1.8 prodelin offset lnb

    I am ready to put the cband to this beast, as I finally hoisted it up on the roof. BY Myself!!! I used ropes and pulleys, thank god i didn't break a window. it's pretty light, when all the IRON is removed. So, now on the roof, i tested for ku signals at or near the assumed focal point...
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    lightest lnb for cband

    what is the lightest lnb? for my 1.8 prodelin project, i need the lightest possible cband lnb. but of course, i want quality. any ideas?
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    motor and the QPH-031

    how does the QPH-031 work with a motor, like the new SG6000 or the DG280 Sadoun? it has four outputs, but do you just put one into the motor? seems that it would be overkill. hate to be retarded, but had to ask...
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    channel master 1.8 motor?

    i have this beast, and i want to motorize it. is it possible? it seems so sturdy! seems like a motor might just give me more problems than it is worth. or it would be so slow, i would get frustrated. any experiences?
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    1.8 prime, or 1.2 offset which is better?

    Which is better? seems drawbacks and benefits both sides. a motor on the 1.8 is harder, but the 1.2 is smaller...then again, it is offset. any experience with these?
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    6 foot prodelin

    i came by a prodelin 6, but i wonder if i could create a manual rotor that is balanced on an angel, so that when it turns, it is on the clark. i was thinking of a sort of a lazy susan like turntable, that will be on a precise bias that allows me to turn it in intervals so that i can hit each...
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    Norsat Lnb DRO Ku-Band, Model 4507A

    I am restoring a channel master that has a very old block style lnb...should i order a new one? i see that the new models promise they deliver?
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    new finds!

    i just finished a demolitionn of an auto dealer, and i got a c band lnb...scientific atlanta model 6605. also, there are three dro lnb...i will try to see if these can pick anything up...anybody have a knowledge of these items? the dish was too destroyed...but i have a ten to at least...
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    old galaxy 25 probs

    I am bedeviled by trying to get 11.966 GHz H Lao Star USA on my SV 360elite. I have checked my tps, and all is right...i am getting every other tp, but that one won't give me quality!!! any solutions? i notice that the GALAXY 25 - North America (263.0E - 97.0W) Last Chart Update...
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    andrews, prodelin for c band

    after fussing on the board with modifications of ku dish 1.2, etc. i wonder if maybe i should just pay the extra dollar and buy an andrews 1.2 or a prodelin. both say they get c well, and the size, while many have said will be too small for the c look like they pull them. does anyone have...