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    Charles dolan/I am a VOOM dealer

    I disagree... I'm the only one of my friends and family who has an HDTV... Most people still aren't willing to plunk down more than $700 for a new TV. And the current TVs they do have still work fine. Also, my wife still uses our DirecTV and ReplayTV (instead of Voom) because the TV...
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    Record an Anamorphic DVD from Voom?

    Anamorphic term... Whazoo, I was only using the term used on DVD's. I know Anamorphic used to use special lenses. However, on today's DVD's that show in "true widescreen", they are labled anamorphic (and I don't believe that they are transferred from film to DVD using a lens - my guess...
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    Should Voom Carry O&O HD Networks?

    My OTA works fine... Even in rain... The thing I like about my OTA is that even in the most severe rain, I have never lost OTA signal. Even if it is just lightly raining, I almost always lose my sat signal. So, I prefer the OTAs - it gives me something to watch when it's crappy out...
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    Mitsubishi Hd-6000 PVR? Anyone seen this? Looks like a nice box - not sure if it will only be sold through cable operators, or from retailers. Seems to have some really nice inputs...
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    Record an Anamorphic DVD from Voom?

    Anamorphic with ReplayTV - here's how it works... Well, I found out in the resolution settings on the voom box, you can "squeeze" 16x9 video into a 4x3 format (called Anamorphic). It actually works great. It allows me to record the entire 16x9 image on the 4x3 replaytv. Then, when I play...
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    Record an Anamorphic DVD from Voom?

    Why am I asking? Basically, my thought is to get my ReplayTV to record in Anamorphic. Then, on my Sony LCD TV, I can use the standard "stretch" zoom, which only stretches the horizontal (and leaves the vertical alone). This will result in a better 16:9 picture than using the standard "zoom"...
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    general Home theater question.

    Remote... I love my Theater Master Mx-500. It's cheap (about $100), it has loads of memory (for "learning", which is what I prefer), and has cloning capabilities (to make multiple remotes). To me, touchscreens are overrated - they get messy (when eating popcorn), and are hard to surf with...
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    Gray bars gone?

    Never saw it... I never saw gray bars while watching SD. Only black... I have my resolution set to 720p. (fortunately for me, my Sony LCD has no problems with burn in - so gray bars aren't even an option on my TV). If you saw gray bars, might it have been on a specific channel? I know...
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    Record an Anamorphic DVD from Voom?

    clarification... Maybe I should clarify - anamorphic is where the entire 16:9 image is compressed down to 4:3 (everyone looks thin). Most 16:9 tv's read this as "DVD", and re-stretch the screen for you. Letterbox is a 16:9 image shrunk down to fit a 4:3 screen (with black bars on the top...
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    Record an Anamorphic DVD from Voom?

    Voom settings? What Voom settings are you using to get the "anamorphic" version of the video? Or are you just recording standard 4:3 letterbox?
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    Record an Anamorphic DVD from Voom?

    Does anyone know if it is possible to get an anamorphic signal over S-Video with the Voom box? Does this work with the DVD recorders on the market? (anyone tried?). Thanks... /joe
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    FOX Local HD: Crappy cameras???

    Anyone else watch the All Star game on Fox in HD? I'm in detroit, and the HD cameras looked anything but HD. In fact, I would swear they just took a regular SD camera, changed the aspect to 16:9, then just upconverted. I was wondering if everyone else saw the same thing (meaning it was the...
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    VOOM STB Version 00.05.5C: Features/Bugs/Requests

    Phone cable or OTA? Do you need to have the phone line hooked up to get the upgrade? Or is this done over the air? Thanks...
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    Video Signal Issues: "Native" resolution

    Correct... You are correct Sean. This only happend in the conversion between 480 and HD. If I leave my settings on 720p (native for my tv), then I never see this issue... Quirks, quirks, and more quirks... I can live without this one. If only they can make a usable Guide, I would use...
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    $499 or $0

    Waiting for PVR I leased, figuring I'd do a purchase when the PVR unit comes out. I know, they "say" they will "buy back" standard receivers or offer some form of discount, but as my lawyer says, if it ain't in writing, it don't mean squat. PVR will be out later this year, so my...
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    Video Signal Issues: "Native" resolution

    Picture... No, I don't watch "The View"... but you wanted a picture, so here it is. It doesn't happen every time. It took about 4 switches back and forth between SD and HD before it happened. Interesting to note that the show is in high-def, but the guide being displayed is in SD. So, it's...
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    Does Tivo work with Your Voom? Yes!

    Replay... Called replay the other day. Basically, they don't have guide support, so the device will only work like a standard VCR (you can click on record, stop, or manually set up a program). I went to their customer service section on the website and officially asked for VOOM guide...
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    Best Remote to Use for Voom and my HT???

    Mx-500... I use the MX-500. Sure, it's only infrared, but for $100, it's the best remote I've ever purchased. My wife can even use it, which is a big plus... You can read my review here...
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    Video Signal Issues: "Native" resolution

    Anyone else using the "native resolution" output feature on Voom? (voom sends video in native resolution, so 1080i comes 1080i, but 480i comes 480i without upconverting) When I use this, it works great most of the time. However, sometimes when I switch from a 480 program to a 1080, the video...
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    Voom STB questions

    compression... My guess is that "compression" is like the compressors used in the music business. These basically take a sound wave and in effect "average" it out so that lower audio signals and higher audio signals match. This is what radio stations use since all CD's are recorded at...