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    OFFICAL: I am STAYING with DISH Network thread

    10 years with Dish and loving it. And since News Corps fee increases are so outrageous, I suspect every provider is going to fight them.
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    Is there a reputable company, that can backup a VIP 722 to DVD

    She could subscribe to Netflix and rent the DVDs or stream as the content becomes available for about $9 a month.
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    New EA dish install

    If it is true, you are better off to leave it as making the signal better on 61.5 will probably weaken it on 72.
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    Anyone else seeing the audio out of sync on TNT HD?

    Yup, out of sync for me and at my daughter's place.
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    Now I remember why cable sucks...

    I don't know whether to laugh or get angry when I see the cable ads touting no rain fade vs satellite. I had cable for 9 years and it seemed like almost every thunderstorm knocked it offline for hours. Plus cable get its content from satellite feed. It takes a real doozy of a storm for me to...
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    My head is spinning so confused

    I think your installer is blowing smoke if you have no obstructions to the south. I get EA just fine (61.5/72.7) in Northern Vermont. 77 is the only one I can't get a good signal from, but that doesn't seem to be a problem.
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    Getting EA with existing dishes

    I believe a 500 Plus will bring in 61.5/72
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    BBC HD needs a 3rd dish??

    The Burlington, VT DMA only requires a single 1000.4 Dish for 61.5/72.7 satellites. The signal from 77 is too weak to use and not needed anyway. You will not need a wing dish for sat 110 like the tech will probably tell you because 61.5 and 72.7 take care of all our channels so make sure it is...
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    Unneed wing after EA

    Will there be any peaking issues as a result of removing the 1000.4 LNB to disconnect the wing dish input? I am assuming it connects to the back of the LNB.
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    Unneed wing after EA

    I just got an Eastern Arc update with a 1000.4, but the tech insisted I needed a 110 wing dish also. I've discovered this is not true and I am not getting any channels off 110 (I am an HD customer). The EA and wing dishes are mounted on separate ground posts with cabling running underground...
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    Does Dish still require 2 dishes?

    It depends on your DMA. Burlington, VT has been 110/119/61.5 which requires two dishes, but effective April 21, we are supposed to work with 61.5/72 and can get those with a single 1000.4 dish.
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    Charlie Chat Monday Night

    Got is resolved via chat: Me: I am being charged $10 each for Silver and Platinum HD. There should only be a single $10 HD charge (03hy) Bryan S. 67Z: You are getting Platinum HD. (03hy) Bryan S. 67Z: You will receive 11 more additional HD channels with Platinum HD for $10 a month. (03hy)...
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    Charlie Chat Monday Night

    I contacted Dish via chat and was told the Platinum HD was a separate and valid charge, but they would remove it from my programming if I wanted.
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    722k-playback ending prematurely

    I'm having the same issue with my VIP622. Most of the time I can back it up and get the rest of the recording.
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    Statement from DISH - Not Getting the New HD?

    How will we receive the promotion code for the upgrade for the new HD channels? I get online billing and auto pay, so will it be emailed, snail mailed or just posted to my account? I wasn't going to worry about it yet, but just saw a $5 increase in my statement, so now I want everything I am...
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    TV 2 Connection

    I got a 50' composite set from and it works great for TV2
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    OTA Recording skip/scramble but signal strength is fine

    I've been getting that on my 622 as well.
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    Setting Timer for Alice on Sci Fi

    We set a timer for Part 1 of Alice on Sci Fi tonight, but are unable to set a timer for Part 2 on Monday night. It just shows the red X in that time slot after we attempt to set that timer. Any ideas?
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    NASCAR on ESPN stutters badly

    It cleared up for me, but if history is any indicator, it may go back and forth between stuttering for a while, then good for a while.
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    NASCAR on ESPN stutters badly

    Anyone else getting a lot of video stutter during NASCAR race on ESPN? I currently watching the Nationwide Race at Lowes Motor Speedway and it is pretty bad. And it isn't the first time.